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10 Beautiful VINES to grow from SEED


These ten beautiful vines that grow from seed are simple to grow, can be grown in a container, and are adaptable to different growing conditions. Plant a few seeds, provide a trellis and then stand back and watch them grow.

Quick-growing annual vines are a beautiful way to cover a trellis, add vertical interest, and provide seasonal shade. The best part about these vines? For the price of a packet of seeds, you can have vines and flowers that make an impact.

Introduction 00:00
1. Love in a Puff 00:43
2. Canary Creeper 01:57
3. Purple Hyacinth Bean 02:58
4. Black-eyed Susan 04:16
5. Passion Flower 05:05
6. Morning Glory 06:01
7. Sweet Peas 07:06
8. Malabar Spinach 07:58
9. Cardinal Climber 08:56
10. Nasturtium 09:41

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