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10 Best Quotes From Side Characters, Ranked


The Netflix revival Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life proved that the minor characters living in Stars Hollow and Connecticut are just as important as the main cast. Lorelai and Rory’s friends, romantic partners, peers, or classmates are just as responsible for witty, hilarious and intelligent commentary as the mother and daughter duo are.

Whether Lorelai and Rory are enjoying coffee at Luke’s diner or Rory is navigating the tough hallways of Chilton, they often chat with Gilmore Girls side characters who have a sense of humor and make clever comments. 

Babette Tells Luke She’ll Find Out If Lorelai And Jason Split Up

“I could ask Patty for you if you want. Sometimes she gets the news first, ’cause her phone line picks up other people’s conversations, something about proximity to the power lines. I’ll tell ya, location, location, location.”

Babette and Morey walking together on Gilmore Girls

Lorelai’s Gilmore Girls neighbor Babette and her husband Morey are a staple of the series, and Babette often shares her vibrant, dynamic and funny approach to life with Lorelai. In one scene that stands out, Babette is at Luke’s diner and promises to ask Miss Patty if Lorelai and Jason are still in a relationship.


With this brief scene, Babette shows that she’s a fan of town gossip but she also cares about Lorelai and Luke. Babette, like the rest of the Stars Hollow residents, knows that Luke loves Lorelai and is waiting for them to admit how they feel about each other. Babette roots for them from the start and is one of the most compassionate side characters.

Max Appreciates Dean’s Advice

“You have much knowledge.”

Dean talking to Max on date night on Gilmore Girls

When Rory, Lorelai, Dean and Max go out together, Dean shares advice on dealing with Rory and Lorelai. Dean knows them so well and says that if Lorelai has decided that pepperoni is fighting with the rest of the pizza, Max should agree with it.

Max’s reply that Dean knows a lot is not only polite but also shows how hard he’s trying to become a part of Lorelai and Rory’s life. Since they mean a lot to him, Max wants Dean to like him, and he wants to join in on the fun.

Dave Tells Lane He Was Happy To Play Music For Mrs. Kim

“They’re just a little numb. But I got these Kurt Cobain calluses now, how cool is that?”

It’s sad that Lane and Dave have a short-lived relationship as their love of music bonds them from the moment that they meet. After Dane plays guitar for Mrs. Kim for several hours, he lets Lane know how much he likes her by joking about calluses and saying that he didn’t mind.

Dave understands that Lane’s family is strict and wants to do what he can to make her feel secure and comfortable in their growing relationship. Lane appreciates Dave’s kindness and it’s sweet watching her connect with someone over music and find independence.

Louise Tells Paris Not To Be So Competitive

“It’s just a contest, Paris. It’s not like you get a car or a lifetime supply of Rice a Roni.”

Madeline and Louise at school on Gilmore Girls

Paris has many smart Gilmore Girls quotes and she can do anything that she puts her mind to. Sometimes, though, Paris can be too competitive and focus too much on winning instead of enjoying the experience.

When a contest comes up, Louise jokes that there’s no real prize. While Paris might not appreciate her reply, it’s a memorable one and proof that Louise wants to have fun and not work so hard all the time. Paris could learn a lot from her, although she doesn’t think so.

Francie Is Surprised To See Paris At Chilton

“Sorry. Did I accidentally step into 2003?”

Francie in Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

When Rory is giving Paris some clever advice that it’s okay to feel lost and confused in A Year In The Life, Francie comes out of a bathroom stall. Paris reverts back to her high school self and accuses Francie of following her around, and Francie has the perfect comeback when she jokes about going back in time.

Francie is a crucial part of Rory’s time at Chilton since she asks Rory to join the secret society The Puffs and often goes head-to-head with Paris, wanting to be the best and most popular student. It’s interesting seeing Paris and Francie still fighting like no time has passed at all, proving that they both have some emotions to work through from their Chilton years.

Lindsay Realizes Something Is Wrong In Her Marriage

“You’re mad at me?”

Split image of Lindsay looking serious on Gilmore Girls

Fans are still frustrated about the storyline when Dean cheats on Lindsay with Rory. When Lindsay answers his phone one day when he’s gone, Dean yells at his wife and pretends that he’s upset because he would miss a work call, but viewers know that he’s hiding his affair.

Although this isn’t a funny quote, it’s a significant one as Lindsay is starting to put the pieces of her broken marriage together in her mind. She knows that Dean is lying to her and that it’s only a matter of time before they get divorced, although she can’t admit it yet.

Kirk Starts His Own Restaurant Across From Luke’s

“Seemed to me Stars Hollow was in want of a real neighborhood joint, a watering hole where the townsfolk could mingle, a place where a fella could come and get a piece of pie, a cup of arbuckles’, and a soupcon of small-town charm.”

Kirk dressed as Luke on Gilmore Girls

One of Kirk’s best Gilmore Girls episodes is season 7’s “That’s What You Get, Folks, For Makin’ Whoopee” as he makes his own restaurant across the street from Luke’s. He calls it Kirk’s and even wears the same plaid shirt and backwards baseball cap combo that Luke loves so much.

It’s hilarious watching Luke tell Kirk that he copied his restaurant, including the menu, and it’s also great seeing Kirk defend his decision to create a charming, cozy small town establishment. This scene is so memorable since, of course, Luke’s diner is the kind of place that Kirk is describing, and he’s just not self-aware.

Taylor Is Upset About Jess Vandalizing Doose’s Market

“Three people have reported seeing Jess in that area late last night. Skulking. Lurking.”

Taylor and luke arguing - gilmore girls

In season 2, Jess has a tricky start to his time in Stars Hollow when he stages a fake crime scene outside of Doose’s Market. Taylor is understandably upset and blames Jess right away, telling Taylor that other town residents think that his nephew was the one behind it.

Whenever Taylor and Luke argue, fans know that it’s going to be an entertaining experience, as they’re both stubborn and unable to admit when they’re wrong. Since neither character can see the other person’s side of the story, they will never really get along, but it will always be fun watching them bother each other.

Brad Has Come Back To Chilton

“The confidence it gives you in every aspect of your life, that’s the most amazing thing. Hey, it’s the new me.”

Brad sitting in Chilton classrooms on Gilmore Girls

Brad is one of the best Chilton Gilmore Girls side characters and when he comes back to school after starring on Into The Woods, he shares that his Broadway experience has made him a better, more secure and happy person. Paris isn’t thrilled to hear this and Brad brilliantly stands up to her, saying that she can’t hurt him anymore.

Brad’s transformation is unexpected but moving, and the fact that he stands up to Paris is funny and unforgettable. Even Paris’s good friends Madeline and Louise are often afraid to tell her what they really think, and everyone loves and respects Brad and his newfound confidence and courage.

Michel Is Stressed Out About Answering The Phones

“People are particularly stupid today. I can’t talk to any more of them.”

Michel’s statement that he has to stop answering the Independence Inn phone because he can’t handle people is one of the funniest Gilmore Girls quotes from a side or a main character. While Lorelai says that he has to do his job or he’ll be unemployed, it’s clear that even she understands what Michel is saying and relates to it.

Even though Michel sounds frustrated and fed up, fans know that he loves his job and would follow Lorelai anywhere. Viewers love watching Lorelai and Michel exchange clever lines and banter throughout their working life.

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