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10 Plot Holes That Bothered Redditors The Most


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In October 2022, Julie Plec posted a TikTok of a Georgia dinner with Michael Trevino, Matthew Davis, Candice King and Paul Wesley, according to E! News. It was fun to see the actors from The Vampire Diaries hanging out together again. Fans still have so much love for the series and enjoy thinking about the details and rules of the supernatural world of Mystic Falls.

Viewers are sharing The Vampire Diaries plot holes that they have noticed on Reddit. These questions include how much of The Cure is needed to transition from vampire to human form and why the werewolves’ existence surprises the vampires,


One Scene In The Season 6 Finale Is Confusing

Elena talking to Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

There are some harsh realities of rewatching TVD and that includes some moments that make viewers pause. Redditor SlidyRaccoon posted about the season 6 finale “I’m Thinking of You All the While.” The fan wrote, “The only plot hole in the episode was how everyone was able to speak to Elena in her sleep. I thought only vampires could do that.”

While sometimes the rules surrounding vampires can be confusing, it’s definitely a shocking finale. Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett’s lives will be tied and Elena will be asleep until Bonnie passes away.

Stefan’s Apartment Doesn’t Add Up

Stefan Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries looking at something and brooding.

The Salvatore house is a fun set since it’s so large, and Stefan also has had an apartment in Chicago for a long time. Viewers have noticed that some things about this location don’t make sense.

One Redditor noted that Stefan’s apartment looks good and the furniture seems fine, as it’s “Outdated, but not falling apart.” This is strange given how long Stefan has rented this place. Redditor sleepyspacefox added, “he’d have to have been paying rent on the apartment for nearly 100 years in order for it to be preserved/not renovated/not rented to someone else.”

Katherine Always Tricks The Other Characters

Katherine Pierce looking devious on The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Pierce’s scenes are always equally fascinating and scary. But one fan wonders how this character can be so manipulative. Redditor OneOnOne6211 thinks “Katherine fooling everyone so easily was extremely odd.”

It does seem that Stefan and Damon have known Katherine for so many years that they would be wise to her ways by now. While Katherine’s power is necessary because that leads to some intense storylines, this is a fair point.

Wouldn’t The Vampires Know Werewolves Exist?

Tyler walking in the woods during daylight in The Vampire Diaries

There are many powerful werewolves in TVD franchise but fans have pointed out a plot hole involving their existence. Redditor Plexaure noted that Damon and Stefan say in season 1 that they find out about werewolves because of Uncle Lockwood. The fan wrote that this “makes no sense because there are large werewolf populations surrounding Mystic Falls and New Orleans.”

It does seem that the vampires and werewolves would be aware of each other since they are used to living among humans in Mystic Falls. While not a huge plot hole, this does seem like something that should have an easier explanation.

Damon Has Powers In The Pilot But In No Other Episodes

Split image of Elena in the cemetery on The Vampire Diaries

The pilot episode of The Vampire Diaries is a fan favorite thanks to Elena meeting the Salvatore brothers and developing strong feelings for Stefan. The episode is sweet, romantic, and emotional, given how much Elena misses her parents. Redditor withsaltedbones noticed a plot hole where Damon and Elena talk at the cemetery and Damon “even says ‘wait till you see what I can do with the fog’… Did they just abandon the idea of Damon having weird powers or what?”

Besides how cool it would be to see Damon changing fog into another shape or form, it’s too bad that the show doesn’t continue this part of Damon’s character. This would add another compelling layer.

How Much Of The Cure Do Characters Need?

An image of Katherine holding tap in The Vampire Diaries

Fans find out about The Cure in season 4 and it’s fascinating that it’s possible to stop being a vampire since that is, of course, such an intense experience. While a lot of information is given about it, sometimes the details feel tricky and like plot holes. Redditor universaldaydreamer said “Silas needed to drink all of Katherines blood to obtain the cure and Stefan and Damon only needed a Syringe.”

While it’s cool to know that there’s a way to stop being a vampire, it’s definitely confusing that some characters require a bit of The Cure and others use less. This is something that fans often think about.

Why Can’t Stefan Save Matt And Elena’s Lives?

Stefan touching Elena's cheek as they say goodbye in the Vampire Diaries series finale.

When comparing Elena as a vampire and human in TVD, it’s true that the character has some dramatic and tough experiences both before and after this big change. After learning about Elena losing her family and seeing her fall for both brothers, it’s even more emotional to watch Elena leave her human self behind and look to an intense future.

Redditor brightstick14 thinks that there is a plot hole when Matt Donovan and Elena’s lives are hanging in the balance and Stefan isn’t able to stop both of them from becoming vampires. The fan is confused by “Vampires having super strength and speed but Stefan couldn’t save matt and elena at the same time. Seemed like a lazy way to turn elena into a vampire.”

Bonnie Would Likely Use Her Magic To Find Stefan

Stefan and Elena dancing on The Vampire Diaries

Redditor Tuullii pointed out a plot hole involving Bonnie’s magic. The fan asked “How come Damon and Alaric spend all summer looking for Stefan between seasons 2 and 3?” and added “Why couldn’t Bonnie have just done a simple locator spell?”

While Bonnie is a favorite character and it’s fun watching her develop her powers and learn more about her family history, it does seem like Bonnie would be able to access her magic for this particular situation.

How Does Compulsion Work?

Alaric and Damon standing together on The Vampire Diaries

Compulsion is another The Vampire Diaries element that is discussed often. There are definitely pros and cons to being able to rid someone of their memories. While there are things that the show’s characters want to forget forever, this also means that they have no knowledge of the strong personal connections that they have made.

Redditor BajanGirly mentioned a plot hole in season 6 when “Alaric gets stripped of his vampire side when he went across the Mystic Falls border.” The fan asked, “Wouldn’t Elena’s compulsion break?” It does seem like that would the result of this plotline. Mystic Falls is one of the best TV small towns, but there are a lot of rules to keep up with.

Damon And Stefan’s Dad Is Described As Good Then Horrible

Giuseppe Salvatore looking serious in The Vampire Diaries

When fans hear about Damon and Stefan’s dad Giuseppe Salvatore, he is described in a kind way. But later on, a fan noted, Giuseppe is said to be terrible. Redditor Inner_Chemistry6346 posted that there are a “lot of discrepancies from early in the show regarding the family. Early on their father was a good man who wanted to protect his town from something he thought was demons.”

While it’s more compelling to see the brothers dealing with a complicated family history, it does seem confusing that Stefan and Damon would see their dad one way and then suddenly change their opinion.

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