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2022 SpoilerTV Awards – Day 2


The 2022 Spoiler TV Awards continue today with favorite cable/streaming shows, as well as Favorite Finale, Favorite Ended Show, and New Show You’re Looking Forward To the Most. Polls will have between 5-6 choices depending on how the nominations fell. These polls will last approximately 48 hours. There is also one more tiebreaker poll for Station 19 fans, which will last around 24 hours. You can still vote in the Day 1 polls as well. See the link below for all STV Awards posts to find them. Don’t forget to read the Basic Information below and happy voting!

Basic Information:

-Except for the tiebreaker poll, these polls will be open for approximately 48 hours (June 17 at around 11:30 am CST). The tiebreaker poll will be open for about 24 hours (June 16 around 11:30 am CST).
-You will not be able to see the results until the winners are announced.
-One vote per person per poll please.

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