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8 Snape Memes That Sum Up His Role In Every Harry Potter Movie


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Recently, David Zaslav announced that Warner Brothers would like to keep expanding the Potterverse. Although no future projects have been confirmed, the HBO CEO stated that they want J.K.Rowling to keep working with them, creating new stories in the wizarding world.

This is excellent news for fans who miss certain beloved characters, such as Severus Snape. The anti-hero in the Harry Potterseries starred in several plot twists in the films. He went from the main suspect to a core ally in a matter of seven years. Even now fans gladly remember his redemption arc, and the iconic figure has become a constant meme on the internet.


In The Sorcerer’s Stone Snape Is Harry’s Biggest Hater

In the first installment of the movies, Snape assumes the role of the villain. His dark demeanor, the way he treats Harry, and his position as Head of Slytherin make Harry and his friend suspicious of the Potion’s teacher. It made a lot of sense because, even though Snape isn’t nice to anyone, he was especially spiteful to Harry.

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There’s no doubt that Snape played a crucial role in defeating Lord Voldemort, but he was a terrible teacher. The way he constantly bullied Harry throughout the movies for things that weren’t his fault is completely irredeemable. Since the movies are focused through Harry’s point of view, this meme perfectly sums up the way Harry had to endure the hatred of a teacher he didn’t know without understanding his reasons.

In The Chamber Of Secrets Snape Had To Put Up With Lockhart’s Antics

Although Harry deeply hates Snape through most of the series, even he had to admit that he preferred him over Gilderoy Lockhart. The incompetent Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher was insufferable not only to Harry and the rest of the students but also to the teachers.

Snape, in particular, had to tolerate him when Lockhart chose him to help him with a dueling class (one of Lockhart’s worst teaching decisions). However, even though Snape looked disgruntled to have to be a part of this circumstance, he also clearly enjoyed easily beating Lockhart throughout the duel. Still, the biggest part of the scene is the fact that Snape inadvertently taught Harry his favorite spell, Expelliarmus.

In The Prisoner Of Azkaban Snape Tries To Get Revenge On The Marauders

In the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry learns a lot about his parents, especially the fact that they were a part of a group called the Marauders, known for their troublesome behavior. One of the most important dynamics that perfectly sums up the Marauders is that they constantly bullied Snape, who has a hard time letting go of his resentment for these Gryffindors.

This film not only follows the complexities between Harry’s parents and his friends, especially the betrayal of Peter Pettigrew, but also the clear hatred between Snape and the Marauders. These tensions govern a lot of Snape’s actions, who even tries to get Sirius murdered by the Dementors, and gets Lupin fired. However, just like in the meme, as much as Snape tried his best to get the best out of the situation, eventually he couldn’t get as much revenge as he wanted.

In The Goblet Of Fire Snape Spends The Whole Time Suspicious Of Harry

Just like Harry is always suspicious that Snape will finally unmask himself as a villain, Snape always believes Harry is behind any troublesome behavior in the castle. Throughout the fourth film, Snape is particularly vigilant of Harry since he believes he’s the one stealing Polyjuice Potion’s ingredients from his cabinet.

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This meme portrays the most common expressions of the Potion’s professor, who usually bares a suspicious gesture on his face when looking at Harry. Unfortunately, Snape was in the wrong. Barty Crouch Jr. was the one taking Snape’s ingredients to be able to disguise himself as Alastor Moody. Maybe if Snape was less focused on Harry, he could have figured out Barty Crouch Jr.’s agenda and put a stop to Voldemort’s return.

In the Order Of the Phoenix Snape And Harry’s Hatred Reaches a Peak

Snape is one of the most powerful wizards in the Harry Potter series, and he especially excels at Occlumency. Not for nothing, he was able to trick Voldemort into believing he was his most faithful servant. Unfortunately for both Harry and Snape, this meant that the Potion’s teacher gave Harry particular classes in this magical area. However, the hatred between these two characters didn’t allow Harry to actually learn Occlumency, which ended up with Sirius’s death in the Ministry of Magic.

This meme particularly describes the core of their tense dynamic: Snape’s hatred for Harry’s father. When Harry gets a sneak peek into Snape’s mind, he discovered why Snape hated his father so much since James and Sirius bullied him during their time at Hogwarts. However, Harry was sure James was a good person and Snape a villain. Eventually, Harry realizes the world is not black and white, and both his father and Snape are complex people.

In The Half-Blood Prince Snape Murders Dumbledore To Save Draco Malfoy

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Even though there’s no way to redeem Snape as a character, as much as he played a crucial part in Voldemort’s defeat, what the Headmaster put him through wasn’t one of Dumbledore’s best decisions. In this movie, Dumbledore forced Snape to kill him to protect Draco Malfoy.

This meme makes a perfect summary of Snape’s difficult journey throughout the sixth movie. Although this scene only appears as a memory in Deathly Hallows Part 2, it portrays accurately Snape’s struggle at the moment. Even though Harry and the magical community believed Snape to be a simple murderer allied with Voldemort, he turned out to be a lot more.

In Deathly Hallows Part 1, Snape Works As A Double Spy Without Harry’s Knowledge

In the first part of the last installment of the series, Snape becomes Hogwarts’s Headmaster and Voldemort’s most trusted Death Eater. However, without any party knowing his role in Dumbledore’s plan, Snape was actually helping Harry and the Order of the Phoenix defeat Voldemort.

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Harry, who had to witness Dumbledore’s cold-blooded murder by Snape’s hand in the previous movie, confronts him. This hilarious meme resumes very well Snape’s role in the movie because he couldn’t tell Harry yet the motive behind him killing Dumbledore in Astronomy Tower. Technically, the double spy had been doing Dumbledore’s agenda, which goes very well with the hilarious “doing electrical” part of the meme.

In Deathly Hallows Part 2, Snape Gives Harry His Tears

In the most shocking plot twist in the movies, Harry learns about Snape’s real loyalty and the explanation behind his contradictory actions. This meme sums up Snape’s role not only in this movie, but also throughout the whole franchise, and the way the fandom quickly forgave him after the last film of the series.

This singular act and the series of heroic actions that Harry discovered in Snape’s memories turned Snape into a hero. So much so that Harry named one of his children after the misunderstood potion’s teacher. However, a lot of the fans believe Snape’s actions don’t even begin to redeem the Potion’s professor since thanks to him James and Lily suffered a terrible death.

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