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A Complete Guide on How & When to Seed Start Annual Garden Flowers Indoors: Save Money!


I cover how to determine when to start different annual flower varieties indoors. I show you how to plant small, medium and larger seeds. I discuss watering, fertilizing, container selecting and lighting and highlight 2 big mistakes people make.

My Playlist for 2020 Indoor Seed Starting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1pM_JfLWhM&list=PLMsTQWKi63STjo0GhCz5XT0O3wEs3Iw3N

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Difference Between Annual and Perennial Flowers
1:28 Determining When to Start Annuals Indoors
7:00 Planting Annuals – Small Seeds & Larger Seeds
17:00 Watering
18:16 Quick Comment of Fertilizing
18:48 How to Use Grow Lights. How Close & How Long On

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