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Best Amazon Prime Day AirPods Deals 2022: What to Shop Now


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Apple is not exactly known for its subtlety. Ever since the tech company’s first Mac was launched by airing a single commercial “1984” during the Super Bowl to the most recent drop of iOS 16, everything from its hype to price is larger than life. The grandest of them all—and most steeply priced—is perhaps the AirPods line, which, for instance, sets its first over-ear headphones at half a grand alone. We love them regardless, because the brand has expectedly done the finesse with its sterling audio and bona fide “Apple” insignia. But in light of Apple’s MO to never discount, you can choose to shop the products elsewhere, like on Amazon during its annual savings event, Prime Day.

As announced in Amazon’s press release, Prime Day this year shall grace us in July. Apple products will surely be discounted among the chaos, and amongst the options, we’ll be shopping the AirPods Max at under $500 or AirPods 3 at under $150. To get your juices flowing now, news is that all current AirPods models are, in fact, already on sale at Amazon. Yeah, weirder things have happened, and our top picks for early Amazon Prime Day 2022 AirPods deals below are legit. So don’t wait until the dog days to add to cart.

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Apple’s genius—sorry—comes to light via its first earbuds with active noice cancellation. For one, the tips actually stay in, no matter the situation they find themselves in. Secondly, they track your head motion to “tilt” the audio left or right, giving you a 3D-immersive sound experience. The noise cancellation, then, is a clutch for certain leave-me-the-hell-alone situation, and doesn’t come with faint inner static. And, lastly, the adaptive EQ just delivers better quality sound.

If there’s one pair of buds that’ll do justice to the guitar riff in “Edge of Seventeen” or the bass in “Smooth Criminal,” it’s the AirPods 3. Think of the third gen as the AirPods Pro sans noise-cancelling functionality. And with $30 nicely shaved off, it’s a deal come true.

The AirPods Max get a bad rep, for one reason only—the hefty price tag, which overshadows its real key specs: the pristine audio and the deafening noise cancellation. Putting them on will legitimately put you in your own little world. And when you’re in it, crisp, spatial sound assisted by head-tracking tech shall fill it wholly. And now, as they finally dip below $500, consider it a blessing.

These are your first love; your average, run-of-the-mills AirPods—and unsurprisingly the most popular model on Amazon. No shame in getting them—again—however, because they just work, even without bells and whistles like customizable fit, wireless charging, adaptive EQ, active noise cancellation, or spatial audio. The sound quality still beats other earbuds models by a landslide. Just make sure they don’t slip out when you get sweaty.

Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

Almost got you there, didn’t we? Though not technically AirPods, this wireless charging case for AirPods (1st gen and 2nd gen only) is crucial. If your case has slipped out of your pocket or gotten lost in the grass, or if you’ve finally gotten sick of the stubborn wax buildup (be honest), this deal is still a considerable upgrade. (And no harm in being more hygienic from now on, either.)

When Is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

In its first quarterly earnings report released this year, Amazon states at full tilt that Prime Day 2022 will take place in July. As for the exact dates? Not so candid. The mega retailer is keeping them ambiguous for the likely purpose of wanting us to bet $100 with our friends on guessing the precise dates. And yes, we mean dates—plural—since Prime Day has always been a two-day savings fête. Better yet, pre- and post-Prime Day savings are also customary. But we’ll keep tabs on those for you, so you can be the first in a million to get the best deals, on AirPods and beyond.

Why Buy AirPods on Amazon Prime Day?

Because spending less than $250 on AirPods Pro does have a nicer ring to it than, well, spending a full $250, right? And snagging AirPods Max at under $500 feels much buzzier than getting them at full price, no? When you do buy your buds on Prime Day, they’ll be delivered to your door in just one or two days. So, yeah, buy new AirPods on Prime Day.

Who Can Enjoy Prime Day Savings?

The cost for indulging in Prime Day savings is the $14.99 monthly price tag of becoming an Amazon Prime member—and waiving your data privacy to Amazon, if you even care. The good thing is, you’ll get a 30-day free trial to test the Amazonian waters as well as free, speedy delivery of Prime-eligible products from then on. In the end, everyone wins.

However, Amazon’s AirPods deals are, in fact, open for anyone—Primed or not. We don’t know yet whether Amazon will slap extra Prime-exclusive discount on top of these existing deals or not. If they do, do consider becoming a Prime member after all.

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