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Best Defenders To Use In Mario Strikers: Battle League


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According to their base stats and playability, these are some of the best defenders to choose for a 4v4 Mario Strikers: Battle League team.

Choosing at least one excellent defender in Mario Strikers: Battle League is crucial for players to build a team that can dominate the pitch. There are currently ten playable characters, each with its unique set of stats and playstyle. Therefore, finding out which combination of stats make for the best defensive players is vital.

The Mario Strikers: Battle League stats are strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technique. Within these five playstyle stats, characters can range from one to 17 in each category. However, those can be maxed out to 25 with special gear.

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The Strength category refers to the character’s power in tackling and resistance to being tackled. The Speed category is basic movement speed and dash speed for the character. The Shooting category refers to the speed and power of a character’s shot on goal. The Passing category refers to the speed and distance of a pass to a teammate. Finally, the Technique category involves shot accuracy, angle, and capability of landing Hyper Strike shots. A combination of speed and strength will be most important for defenders in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Choosing The Best Defenders In Mario Strikers: Battle League

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One of the most obvious top defensive options in Mario Strikers: Battle League is Donkey Kong. When properly equipped with the best gear, he provides incredible strength.

Donkey Kong

Use the Muscle Helmet, Chain Gauntlets, Bushido Armor, and Bushido Sandals on this Donkey Kong build. It will give him the following stats:

  • Strength: 21/25
  • Speed: 12/25
  • Shooting: 9/25
  • Passing: 16/25
  • Technique: 5/25

Donkey Kong can’t shoot, but his job is to block shots, win the ball back, and distribute the ball to the other three squad members, who are much better at attacking. So this build will decrease his shooting and technique stats to maximize his defensive capabilities.


He may not be an obvious choice to many, but his overall balance is why one of the best defensive options in Mario Strikers: Battle League is Waluigi. Choosing the best gear of Turbo Helmet, Turbo Gloves, Turbo Pad, and Bushido Sandals will give him the following stats:

  • Strength: 12/25
  • Speed: 25/25
  • Shooting: 8/25
  • Passing: 6/25
  • Technique: 11/25

These stats will allow Waluigi to have the speed to keep up and catch up to any offensive character in the game. He also has enough strength to keep his own with other characters in the tackling aspect of Mario Strikers: Battle League.


Possibly the most obvious defender choice in Mario Strikers: Battle League is Bowser. His size and strength make for a tank that will be difficult for offensive players to get around. Players should use the best gear combination of Cannon Visor, Muscle Gauntlets, Bushido Armor, and Cannon Boots to give him the following stats:

  • Strength: 23/25
  • Speed: 8/25
  • Shooting: 20/25
  • Passing: 6/25
  • Technique: 6/25

Keeping Bowser in the back line and in front of the goal will make it extremely difficult for opponents to score. However, with a great shooting attribute score, Bowser can also attempt goals from around midfield.

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Mario Strikers: Battle League is available on Nintendo Switch.

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