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Best Drone Footage of Jackson, MS, plus a Haunted Ship on the Gulf?


Mississippi is a state with deltas, gulf shore lines and plenty of swamps, so there’s plenty of places to shoot the best drone footage for YouTube. So we checked out the beautiful Ross R Barnett Reservoir, which is great for boating, frisbee golf, bicycling and just hitting the trail.

We had a some people ask for the raw footage to the videos we put together, thus we just put together a short 2 minute video, but then added the ‘raw’ footage of everything I shot that day at the end of the ‘polished video.’ We were on a trek, so we didn’t stay long, but just had to shoot a little.

HOWEVER, on our visits to Mississippi, on a foggy day, we visited the home of ‘Bubba’ from Forrest Gump, Bayou La Batre. We found what looked like a very creepy haunted old and forgotten casino boat. We couldn’t get any closer and due to so many pelicans chasing the drone, we could only shoot for a short bit, but wanted to share, nonetheless. The stories, which could be told, are endless.

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Please leave a comment to let us know if you want us to check out more “haunted/ creepy” places or just stick to what we’ve been shooting!!

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