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Big Dragon the series ~ Mangkorn & Yai ~ PERFECTLY BROKEN


So….. I have a lot to say. I’m in love with so many things in this series. The THEME song, Bank & Mos & Big, the overall project values, the story. Star Hunter is definitely growing up and this series is very worthy of their growth!
But while I’m here let me just say there is still the unnecessary pandering, quite a few of the same tropes that we’ve really outgrown. (Bank eating the seaweed snack I did happen to love though…) I really really really want to see a lot of BIg, he’s done peripheral scenes for other series but nothing that would either cement him as a future lead or leave him to hover on the sidelines. I mean have you seen him? His height, the way he fills out his pants (that backside … argh) that ever so slightly shy/mischievous smile. If he doesn’t mak (eat the face off of Bank) I will be so disappointed. Don’t get me wrong I think Mos and Bank are magnetic together, their micro expressions to each other, very worthy of the swoon they are generating. Yep my expectations for Big Dragon have been more than met, but things could be even greater.

I own very little. All rights and privileges belong solely to the original owner(s). The images are from episodes 1 – 5 of Big Dragon the series and the song Perfectly Broken is a new release by Banners.

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