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Boat Trip Mississippi | Slot Game | Spinmatic Entertainment


#Spinmatic, leading developer and provider of premium #casinogames, presents its unforgettable #slotgame: Boat Trip Mississippi.

Hop on the steamboat and behold nature’s beauty!

Back in the day, steamboats on the mighty Mississippi River were a sight to see. Even centuries later, people are more than ready to join this amazing journey.

Would you like to take your place on the boat, cherish the historical scenery, discover native species and collect unforgettable memories?

With our newest game Boat Trip Mississippi, you can enjoy this exquisite expedition anywhere,and win huge prizes at the same time!

RTP: 95.67%

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REELS & ROWS: 4 x 3

Play the demo now: https://demo.spinmatic.net/Play/1520

Spinmatic is an energetic B2B developer and supplier of outstanding multi-platform software solutions for bookmakers and casinos.

Enjoy our completely secure, extremely easy to integrate and highly compatible products!

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