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Mike Boley is the perfect candidate There was a recent article in the DGC brought forward by Homer Sherril indicating Mike Boley may need training if voters elect him Hancock County Sheriff. The point Mr. Sherril is missing here is Mike Boley has a 17-year Law Enforcement resume and is very experienced in working in different roles within law enforcement, from being Hancock County dispatcher to baliff. Next, Mr. Boley has been a part-time to full-time officer and worked his way up becoming Nauvoo’s police chief since 2017.

Mr. Boley has worked for the City of Nauvoo since his hiring as the assistant police chief back in 2013. Mr. Boley’s qualifications, including his past experience working in law enforcement, including training that goes along with those jobs made Mr. Boley to become Nauvoo’s police chief back in 2017. I was very impressed by what Mr. Boley had to say in bringing up about doing other jobs like real estate or owning his own business, but he said nothing inspires him to get up and go to work like being in law enforcement. Sounds like a man who has the passion for the job and wears it on his sleeve.

Also, Mr. Boley is a member of the Hancock Republican Central Committee and said he received encouragement from the party and other law enforcement officers to run for office, which is a strong indication others are well in support of Mr. Boley becoming the next Hancock County Sheriff. According to Mike Boley, he has always considered himself a cop’s cop in further stating, Its not what I do, but its truly what I am. I personally believe in order to do the job of Hancock County Sheriff a person needs to have the right mind set for the job, including having a strong resume. When this comes to having past experience, such as knowing the in’s and out’s of law enforcement from dispatcher to becoming part-time and full-time officers, including other additional training for other jobs he has held for which Mr. Boley appears to have a lot of experience.

When I go to hire someone for the job, the first thing I look at is Mr. Boley’s 17-year past experience and the training associated with that, which is going to reflect when this comes to any upper advancement jobs like becoming the Nauvoo assistant police chief in 2013 and ultimately the police chief of Nauvoo there in 2017, and how long has he held that position. Mr. Boley’s resume here working various jobs within law enforcement, like being the Hancock County dispatcher, and bailiff, then becoming a part-time and full-time officer. Then becoming the assistant police chief in 2013, before becoming Nauvoo’s police chief in 2017. I personally think Mike Boley is a very hard worker who has worked his way up the ladder and is more than well qualified to become the new Hancock County Sheriff.

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