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🌜BTMC Podcasting | Episode I


Episode I | Separating Feelings, Thoughts & Visions

About Me: @god_is_theanswer My name is Juwan L Page and I would like to welcome you to the growth zone! I am a native of Lamar, Mississippi (Benton County) and recent graduate of the University of Kentucky’s Class of 2021. I have a B.S. in Community Leadership & Development. With my degree I would like to share my skills and expertise of Interpersonal and Intra-personal Leadership. I believe it’s important to understand that we can not lead anyone further than we’ve led ourselves. With that being said, it is my goal to grow community leaders, corporate management, and social media influencers all over the world!

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About The Show: BTMC stands for Be The Moon Campaign. This campaign originates from an original, trademarked quote of mine, “Everyone tries to be the sun and shine light where it already exists. Who will be the moon and glow in times of darkness?”. Mission Statement To empower, motivate and inspire individuals, families and communities by being a positive example and resource. Vision Statement Be The Moon Campaign is more than a slogan, logo, or campaign. It is a movement, resource and future business. Throughout this campaign, our goal is to inspire individuals through service, motivational techniques, visuals, literature, films, speeches, books, podcasts, radio shows and so much more.

EST. June 28, 2015


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