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Building A Powerful Personal Brand In 2020 (Tactical Steps)


Register for the training here – PeterJVoogd.com/Branding

In this video, Peter speaks about:

🔥 2:09 Obsession in branding
🔥6:40 Less Mistakes
🔥18:10 Perception
🔥18:24 Content
🔥24:53 Stop overthinking
🔥31:50 Promote something controversial

⬇️⬇️⬇️ What are you doing to build your brand today? Comment below!

Mark has one of the best (if not the best) track records in this industry and has created 20 Millionaire personal brands and 120 6-Figure personal brands with his training.

He charges between $10,000-$48,000 to work with him personally and we realize that not everybody can afford his services but EVERYBODY needs to learn his marketing strategies and tactics.

People like Jordan Belfort, Jake Paul and Manny Khoshbin all hire Mark and spend a lot of money to have Mark and his team implement these strategies in their businesses.

Mark and I sat down at his mansion last week to discuss why people need a personal brand and how to leverage it in 2020.

Mark is offering a one-time training where he shows you his simple but effective 2-step formula for attracting high-paying clients this Thursday and I know you and your business can benefit from it!

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Click the button in the comments to register and let Mark show you exactly how to get more customers, predictably every single month like clockwork.

And the best part, drumroll please…🥁🥁🥁

Along with the training, he is giving away $500 in cash. Anybody who registers is automatically entered in the giveaway.

He is also going to give you a free digital version of his workbook. Which contains info-graphs, campaigns, templates, formulas, scripts, headlines – basically everything you need to know what to say, how to say it, where to post it and how to promote it.

😬 The software only allows 1,000 people to register. Which simply means register now and show up early.

Many have been asking since we started the promotion, why does a guy like Mark even want to do this? He doesn’t need to be doing free trainings, ever. And that is 100% true. He doesn’t. I’ve built up enough leverage and given him enough value over the last 6 years to get him to do this for our tribe. Literally months to convince Mark to do this and I really wanted to offer it to you guys.

I’ll see you on the training!


Don’t forget – $500 cash giveaway and Mark is giving away his workbook for free!


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