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Emma Roberts Would Consider Scream Franchise Return As Jill


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Scream 4’s Emma Roberts shares in an interview that she would consider returning as Jill, and feels she isn’t done with the hit franchise.

Emma Roberts says she’s open to returning to the Scream franchise as Jill Roberts. There have been many developments in the lead up towards the saga’s next film, 2023’s Scream 6. Original ‘final girl’ Neve Campbell recently announced that she is exiting the film due to a pay dispute, while original Scream star Courtney Cox is still returning alongside 2022 Scream cast members Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera. Also returning are the directors of Scream 5, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. Roberts’ Scream 4 co-star, Hayden Panettiere, is also making a comeback to the franchise as Kirby in Scream 6.

Roberts starred as Jill in Scream 4 as the cousin of Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott. While most of the film seemed to be building up to Jill possibly taking over as the face of the franchise, the film’s twist revealed that Jill was the murderous Ghostface in this installment, and she was left for dead. This would make Roberts’ return to the franchise unlikely, however, Jill wasn’t the only character with an uncertain fate in Scream 4Panettiere’s Kirby also seemingly met her demise at the end of the film, but she is reprising her role in Scream 6. The actor’s role in the new Scream sequel appears to leave the door open for Jill to also make her unexpected return to the franchise.

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In an interview with Dread Central, Roberts was asked about which horror franchises she would like to participate in. During the conversation, Roberts addressed a potential return to the Scream franchise. Without confirming anything, the actor teased she felt that she “wasn’t done” with Scream, saying:

“Maybe I’d go back to Scream, I feel like I wasn’t done with Scream.”

Jill Roberts smiling faintly in Scream 4.

Roberts didn’t elaborate from that point, but her comments are sure to excite many Scream viewers who questioned Jill’s fate. Roberts’ performance as Jill is considered to be one of the highlights from Scream 4, and her return to the films would be a welcome one, especially after the departure of a Scream franchise icon in Campbell. While the Scream saga seems to be in good hands with the most violent Ghostface yet, and the likes of Panettiere, Ortega and Barrera coming back, the return of not only a former Ghostface, but the cousin of Sidney Prescott, may help somewhat in filling the nostalgia void left by Campbell’s character in Scream 6.

Scream 6‘s production is moving full steam ahead with a release date of March 31, 2023. As such, it may be too late for Jill to be added to the film. However, given Panettiere’s confirmed involvement as Kirby and Roberts’ openness to reprising her villainous role, it’s certainly possible that Scream 6 could in fact be a very gruesome and shocking reunion for some of the franchise’s most beloved characters.

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Source: Dread Central

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