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ep 16 – I'm on Vacation – Mississippi River Houseboat Wreck!


All the juicy details about the beginning of our Mississippi River excursion in our 1973 Nautaline Houseboat. Delays, additional work, not being packed–set backs–but nothing can stop the McCoys.

In episode 16 we experience first hand the most dangerous stretch of the Mississippi River. We wreck the boat! Will it keep us from the rest of our trip? Maybe. Maybe not. Tune in to see!

US Army Corps of Engineers Mississippi River Maps: https://www.mvr.usace.army.mil/Missions/Navigation/Navigation-Charts/Upper-Mississippi-River/
US Army Corps of Engineers Map of Lock 14 and 14A: https://www.mvr.usace.army.mil/Portals/48/docs/Nav/NavigationCharts/UMR/CHART_74.pdf

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About I’m on Vacation:
I’m on Vacation is about freedom. Freedom from responsibility. It’s an “out of office” auto reply on your work email. It’s a beer on a Tuesday at lunch just because the weather is nice. It’s a laissez-faire mindset. Throw caution to the wind, because anything can happen when you’re on vacation, and nothing else exists but the present moment.

Bradley and Margaret McCoy have made their home in New Orleans and are living this “I’m on Vacation” mentality. From dancing in the streets in full costume during Mardi Gras to buying a vintage houseboat to travel down the Mississippi River, there’s no telling where they will end up next.


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