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Fly fishing a spring creek in Idaho (we catch a tagged fish!)


In this video you guessed it, we’re in Idaho snowmelt has made almost every river and creek to high to fish however spring creeks and some tailwaters, and lakes are always an option. This video takes you to a spring creek, with browns and rainbows! This particular place has some absolute giant browns that we all have had shots to hook and can’t seem to hook a fish over 20 inches without being mesmerized by watching it eat, on this journey is youth team USA member Lewis Hirsch or (Larry) as a lot of people call him or know him by, enjoy this awesome scenery and fishing from a very short morning and afternoon of fishing. We also catch a tagged brown trout by the state of Idaho in this video! Have to watch til near the end to see that. So sit back and enjoy another creek Ninjas adventure!

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