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Flynninho Drops Monstrous Single, “RAGGA”


Flynninho is the modern day rockstar of electronic music. Based out of Chicago, he entered the music scene in 2017 after finishing up a pro soccer career. Initially DJing the club circuit and accepting residencies at Chicago’s most prestigious clubs, he became a household name within the Chicago music community. With his love of rock and house stemming from his parents, his tastes of pop-punk and hip hop from teenage years, and the EDM sounds of Europe, Flynninho’s releases and performances blend these genres to deliver an unforgettable performance and listening experience.

We loved his previous single, Sicario Mode,” which is why we couldn’t wait to get a listen to his brand new track, “RAGGA“. Flynninho did not disappoint. Stepping away from the house genre, Flynninho embraces a Midtempo sound that is fueled with unfiltered energy. Explosive synth stabs, haunting melodies, and edgy vocal sampling all come together for what is a true head-banging masterpiece. 

Listen below!


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