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For Every PRETTY WOMAN, There's A Man That's Tired Of F**king Her (Shakira/Lori Harvey)


Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are talking about relationships.

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0:00 – Intro & “My Life Is Just Really Lonely”
3:54 – Show Starts: Lori Harvey Gets Dumped💔
6:57 – Donations #1: You Can Slap The S**t Out Of A B!sh😬
14:03 – Show Resume: CGA Reacts: Gump Taking Massive L’s🤦🏾‍♂
29:20 – CGA React: The Demons Behind The Mask..👹
35:23 – Donations #2: Never Believe ALL Women
37:18 – Show Resume: Young Black Woman Rejects Nuclear Physicist🍍
1:00:32 – Leverage & Options Is How You Get Modern Women
1:08:01 – Donations #3: Avoid Ending Up In A De*th By S*mp Situation💀
1:11:37 – American Relationships Are Done For Most Men
1:16:42 – Show Resume: Michael B. Jordan & Lori Harvey Breakup?💔
1:39:16 – Donations #4: Is Surrogacy The Best Option To Have Kids?🤰🏾
1:46:21 – Do Not Give Away Information To Women
1:53:27 – Loud People Are A Turn Off… Ladies Tone It Down🐔
2:05:38 – Women Want To Be Impregnated By Tall Men
2:11:22 – Show Resume: Shakira & Gerard Pique Split After He Cheated
2:20:05 – Everything She Says In The First 6 Months Is A Lie💯
2:28:06 – Donations #5: Do Not Keep The Surrogate Mother In Your Life
2:31:21 – Severance Package Prevents Future Expectations💵
2:40:31 – Managing Women Means Accepting S**t Tests & BS💯
2:51:07 – Coach Explains The Law Of Diminishing Returns📉
3:05:37 – Commitment Is The Most Important Thing You Can Give Away


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