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Garden Tour: What to Grow in Early Spring (Homesteading Basics) 🌿 Southern Mississippi Gardening


Today I figured I would show you guys the garden after only 2 months of growth.
➡️ While my growing season is pretty long on paper the extreme heat of the summer makes planting as early as possible the game here in the Deep South.
This video is a Spring guide to everything you should be growing in early Spring in the south!
Whether you are just starting a homestead, in a moving transition, or looking for tips to get your garden started this video has it all!

Container garden, planters, raised beds, regardless of your situation, Richoux on Demand is giving you all the tips and guidance of what to grow!
➡️ A plethora of plants are mentioned in this video showing that even if you are in an urban homestead you don’t need to hold back. From slip guidance, seed starts that flourish, pruning advice, and inter-planting information, this video has a little bit of everything you need to get growing.
Get inspired to get gardening and catch a glimpse of what is growing on the homestead!

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