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Gov. Phil Bryant, Mississippi – Steve Linde, Editor, Jerusalem Report | Jerusalem Leaders Summit


Interview: Governor Phil Bryant, State of Mississippi, USA, with Steve Linde, Editor-in-Chief, Jerusalem Report at the Third Jerusalem Leaders Summit, Inbal Jerusalem Hotel, Israel, November 18, 2018. The high-level interview focuses on US-Israel ties, economic growth in Mississippi and the US, international trade, 2018 US midterm elections, concerns about the recent manifestations of anti-Semitism, and efforts to strengthen America’s partnership with Israel.

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Mississippi unites with Israel at Jerusalem Leaders Summit – Jewish News Syndicate (JNS)

‘As goes Israel, so goes America’ – Israel National News
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant addresses Jerusalem Leaders Summit, lauds close ties between Mississippi and Israel.

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The Jerusalem Post:
“Anyone who happens to be partial to the sound the southern drawl should make it their business to be around when Phil Bryant, the governor of Mississippi, makes his fifth visit to Israel. During his fourth visit this week, as the guest of honor at the third Jerusalem Leaders Summit, Bryant proved that in addition to having worked as a law enforcement officer and a university professor…”

The Times of Israel:
Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant at the Jerusalem Leaders Summit held at the Knesset: “[Trump] is all about our relationship with Israel. Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, is a very dear friend of mine, as is Ivanka. I talked to him not long ago when the tragedy occurred in Pittsburgh, the tragic attack there on a synagogue. He said, ‘Phil, I wish people would realize,’ and I think some of them do, that his grandchildren are Jewish. His son-in-law is Jewish. His daughter is Jewish… He understands how important this relationship is.”

Video | One-On-One with Governor Phil Bryant | i24 News with Host Barbara Opall-Rome:
STRICTLY SECURITY | Leading U.S. defense firms and IAI — Israel’s largest state-owned defense and aerospace company, are taking advantage of low taxes, a well-trained work force and the southern hospitality given by the state of Mississippi. The state’s governor Phil Bryant is on his fourth visit to Israel to hear why he, and President Donald Trump will always stand by Israel in its chronic war against terror. Governor Bryant sits down with host Barbara Opall-Rome.


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