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GSMArena.com turns 22 today: Happy birthday to us!


We don’t know about you, but we’re feeling twenty-two years old. 22 years of constant dedication and passion for mobile technology, and of course, sharing this passion with all of our readers and followers!

We are extremely grateful to be in this industry for so long, and we owe it all to you – the fans and fellow tech geeks. These past 12 months were filled with emotional moments, and we did have some milestones that made us proud.

GSMArena.com is now 22 years old, happy birthday to us!

Thanks to your support we managed to reach 1,500,000 subscribers on YouTube, less than two years since we hit 1 million.

We’ve added nearly 600 new smartphones to our specs database over the past year. We’ve reviewed nearly 150 of those, and we’ve written well over 5,000 news posts, short articles, and opinion pieces in the last year.

We recently added emoji reactions in the website’s comments and opinions section, which helps direct the narrative in conversations and tidies up a little bit, making the comment section a tad more easy to navigate.

GSMArena is a brand that we are proud to represent, and we know there are some fans out there who are equally enthusiastic about it. That’s why we launched our own merch store last winter. We have various designs for shirts and hoodies, and a unique mouse pad as well. We have more plans for our store in the future.

We're launching a merch store - you can now buy GSMArena-branded apparel in various designs

This is a website for mobile phones and technologies but we are believers in the bright future, so we also launched ArenaEV.com – a website that catalogs electric vehicles and brings you the latest news from that industry.

Let’s see where the roads will take us from here. For now, we’ll just take Taylor Swift’s advice, and we’ll just keep dancing like we’re 22.

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