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How China Weakens the US Through Overdose Deaths | China In Focus


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More Americans are dying from drug overdoses than ever before.

#IllicitPills are pouring into the country from across the #Border. But they originate from thousands of miles away.

In this special report, we look at how China has weaponized the drug industry, the ways it’s impacting every American, and what’s being done to stop it.

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Joining us to help shed light on the topic are Victor Avila, former ICE special agent and author of “Agent Under Fire”; Casey Fleming, CEO of BlackOps Partners; John Mills, a retired colonel and former director of Cybersecurity at the DOD; Ronald Rychlak, professor of Law at the University of Mississippi; and Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.).

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How China Weakens the US Through Overdose Deaths | China In Focus
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