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HunterGirl Reveals Surprising Person Who Gave Best Advice


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American Idol’s HunterGirl received a lot of good advice throughout the show. Now she reveals the surprising person who gave the best advice.

Throughout her journey on American Idol season 20, runner-up and country singer HunterGirl received a lot of good advice, but the best advice came from a surprising person. HunterGirl is from Winchester, Tennessee, and blew away the American Idol judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan at her Nashville audition when she sang Rascal Flatts’ “Riot.” Not only did she earn three votes of yes and a golden ticket to Hollywood, but she was later award one of the three platinum tickets of the season.

HunterGirl has been very open about her insecurities during American Idol. She even wrote her number one single “Red Bird” after a bout with nervousness. On the evening that her first episode of the show was supposed to air, she was driving to her family’s house and felt terrified about being on television for American Idol, and was worried that people would not like her and that she was not good enough. She asked God for a sign that everything would be okay, and a red bird flew across her window as she drove down the road. As she continued driving, several more red birds crossed her path. HunterGirl grew up believing that when a cardinal appears, it is really a family member from Heaven coming down to visit. Her mom also told her that if she made a wish on a red bird, when it flies, the wish will come true. HunterGirl wrote “Red Bird” shortly after this experience.


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On Sadie Robertson Huff’s podcast, WHOA That’s Good, HunterGirl revealed another time that she felt nervous about being on American Idol and how a store worker unexpectedly gave her the best piece of advice that she will keep in mind for the rest of her career. HunterGirl said that she has been given a lot of great advice in her life, but, a few months ago, right before she was about to leave for Los Angeles for the American Idol live shows, she was “scared to death” and “really in my head overthinking everything. Just worried, you know? Feeling very, very human.” She was shopping with her mom for some outfits to take with her for the next two and a half months on American Idol.

HunterGirl said that the lady at the counter was talking to her and encouraging her about being on American Idol because “I was telling her how worried I was ’cause I talk to everybody.” She said that the woman gave her the best advice that she ever received which was, “If God sends you to it, then He’ll see you through it.” HunterGirl shared that the advice “just sent me on my way and I felt so calm and at peace in that moment.” She stated that she thought of that advice through every show that she did, and she always will. HunterGirl said that she does not think that the woman realized “how much that she touched me in that moment, but that’s what I really needed.” 

HunterGirl’s story is very moving because it demonstrates how people never know when they might say something that could affect another person’s life. Her whole American Idol journey was guided by the advice that the woman at the store counter gave her, and every show that she plays in the future will be as well. HunterGirl is now paying it forward by being an inspiration to countless others.

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Source: WHOA That’s Good

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