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Jazzco Line Dance Class – Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Wobble, Mississippi Slide, Brick House.


Jazzco Line Dance Class for Beginners and Seniors 60+
Jacksonville Florida

What makes JAZZCO Line Dance Class unique?
1. Jazzco is Line Dance made easy with a beginners, novice and senior friendly class. This class specializes in Terminologies, Steps by Steps Instructions, Wellness, Exercise,
Energy and Endurance.
2. Jazzco is Fun, with Fitness and Fitbit Steps. The Intermediate Exercise and Wellness Class specializing in low to mid impact steps. Helps Sharpens Memory
Alleviate Anxiety, Fight Dementia and Increase Flexibility
3. Jazzco Party Time is a practice party with professional DJs, dance lights, and non-stop music. Get ready to Increase Socialization, achieve Fitbit Steps and put what you’ve learn on the dance floor.

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Dances in the Video –
Cupid Shuffle
Cha Cha Slide
Mississippi Slide
Alright Already
Brickhouse with Soul Train Line


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