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"Little Mississippi"-Roblox Adopt me Western Movie-(VikingPrincessJazmin)



Grab your family and friends and don’t forget your snacks!🍿🥤
You are in for another! An adopt me western movie! enjoy! ^^

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Contact: vpjdirector@gmail.com
OR. vpjproductions@gmail.com

Important notice👇
Stories on my channel are *originally* created stories from *imagination* and *passion*. Using creativity from your mind. *Not made or inspired off of or any already made story* don’t use or take this channels videos (including parts) without permission. Movies, series, characters, storyline’s, thumbnails, movie titles (and much more) should not be copied or used in any way possible, that includes making them on other public or private platforms or taking a story and change it in another way. It’s considered stealing content. Please create your own stories, and not take someone else’s.

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VolzanderPlayzRoblox (on break)
Myself lol
(+more, wish to be unknown)

there are more actors but they dont want to be known publicly, any roles we play are permanent or we share🤗
Common questions
🌀Can we use music from this video?
The music used in this video are not free, 1st month is free, then you need to pay monthly to use music and sounds affects which helps avoid copyright.
You need to have a subscription license to also avoid copyright.👍
All in epidemicsound.com

🌀Can you friend me?
im sorry i only friend if i am making friends or fans are joining my videos

🌀Can I be in your movie?
im only currently working with family & friends, but if fans were to join, they have to be specfically chosen (sometimes i will ask for more actors if need be)

🌀Are you doing a giveaway of pets or robux? Can you give me robux?
No, sorry, I just make entertainment videos, I’m not a giveaway channel.

🌀Can I have a shout out?
I’m sorry I don’t do random shout outs 😓

🌀Extra question:
How can I suggest a movie idea, can I give ideas??
I’m sorry, I don’t take in movie ideas, I come up with them on my own and help from the VPJProduction team members.👍

🌀Can you do more voiced videos?
I did enjoy making my first voiced video, but its alot to do, so i will have to say no (for now maybe)

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