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Mississippi | How to value Machine Shop welding metal fabrication business for sale (2019)


The valuation of your machine shop welding fabrication business for sale is something I take very seriously. I understand this valuation can affect a lot of people’s lives. When someone puts their trust in me I don’t take it lightly. You will get the best my 40 years of experience can offer you. I will explain how I do these valuations and both in this video presentation and on the website I will show you my experience which should convince you I am the best and only person who should do this work for you.

When doing a machine shop valuation or appraisal in (2019) one must understand that
50% to 90% of your business value is in Intangible Assets. This includes the welding, metal fabrication and machine shops that are near you.
The old Asset Income and Market Approaches do not work in 2019
Old style valuators generally do not know how, or have no accurate way of measuring those intangible assets in that metal fabricating welding machine shop near me and near you.
The old fashioned valuations often rely on one line they call “good will”

What we have done with the “25 FACTORS AFFECTING BUSINESS VALUATION”
Is to define and measure this “goodwill” in the style one might deem acceptable in (2019) You can call me anytime 1 800 606 0310

These are the factors we consider when doing a business or income valuation:

Return on Investment
How has R&D been accounted for?
Shareholder Agreement (if one exists)
Value of Employees (cost of recruit
ment and training as a group)
Value of Client Base and rebuild cost
Value of Supply Chain
Value of Distribution Network if one exists
Internet Presence and Use (social network)
Dominance if any in the marketplace
Knowledge Base of Owner and Employees
Processes, Procedures, and Systems
Documentation (how well are all aspects of the company documented)
Industry Averages
Terms of lease
Leasehold Improvements
Cost of Liquidation (if applicable)
Leverage – Cost of money. Is leverage or applicable and if so at what risk?
Minority Interest (if applicable)
Special Interest Purchaser – (partners are also special interest purchasers as they have more knowledge, interest, and opportunity, with less risk than regular buyers)
Redundancy in Management – How well is the business/practice expected to function with changes in management. (if applicable)
Terms of Sale (if relevant) A sale with little down and the seller remaining at significant risk would demand much higher price than an all cash sale.
Return on Investment is always our first and last consideration.

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In my professional opinion as a CPPA nobody should be opening on the value of a small business unless they have owned and operated a small business for at least 10 years.

One can go to http://www.canlii.org and in the Document Text search field enter “Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group” When you hit the search button you should find at least 8 cases you can review.


Call us: 1 800 606 0310
Visit our website : http://www.pin.ca/howtovaluemachineshop/usa/mississippi.html


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