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Nippandab & Kiimy Team Up For Melodic Dance Pop Single, “Higher Now”


Subrata Mondal, better known by his artist alias Nippandab, is a young electronic music producer and DJ from Bangalore, India. Inspired by the likes of ZHU, Alok, Bhaskar, Sevenn, SNBRN, and Meduza, Nippandab started producing all genres of House music shortly after embarking on his music career. Since then, he has been able to grow his fan base, streaming, and brand exponentially, someone we are for sure keeping our eye on.

Professionally and classically trained New York singing artist Kiimy offers a diverse range of musicality and sound. Kiimy has trained as an artist from age 16 and is currently driving full force into the world of EDM.  She has a star quality and will run up a vocal line with a sensual yet strong approach in her deliverance. She is an experienced session vocalist/live performer, songwriter catering to a wide variety of genres, and specializing in pop, EDM, and R&B. 

Together, these two make a phenomenal team, which is why we cannot wait for you to listen to their latest single, “Higher Now“. Nippandab sets the mood with muted, blissful melodies that drift beneath Kiimy’s beautiful vocal. The song builds and takes your emotions with it, crashing into an uplifting, euphoric drop that can’t help but make you want to smile and dance. It’s clear these two created something that will stand the test of time.

Listen below!

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