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OnePlus’ iconic alert slider will be confined to Pro models while reaching some Oppo flagships


Earlier today we shared some leaked renders of the upcoming OnePlus 10T. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed something missing: the iconic OnePlus alert slider, a feature which the company debuted in the Android world, and then kept mainstream ever since. We say “in the Android world” because of course Apple had a similar slider way before OnePlus.

Anyway, the alert slider has been a staple of OnePlus phones, and it was sorely missed by some when the company expanded to include entry-level phones which were just rebranded Oppos. The lack of the alert slider in the Nord N models was understandable therefore, as they were initially designed as Oppos.

OnePlus' iconic alert slider will be confined to Pro models while reaching some Oppo flagships

But what about the OnePlus 10T? Apparently it will start a new trend – from this point on only the OnePlus Pro flagships will feature an alert slider, according to prolific leakster Yogesh Brar over on Twitter. The non-Pro OnePlus high-end phones won’t have it anymore, nor will any upcoming Nords.

To add insult to injury in a way, it looks like some future Oppo flagships will in fact come with an alert slider, “borrowing” the feature from the sister brand. We’re wondering how well diehard OnePlus fans will take this, considering all the previous hubbub about the merger of OxygenOS with ColorOS.

Let’s note at the end here that this is just a mere rumor at this point, OnePlus hasn’t confirmed it yet, so it may just end up not happening after all. Only time will tell.


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