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Out an About fun! Mississippi River and La Crosse Wi. Part 1 of 2


Hi Friends! ..Road trip! … I was out and about on another fun, and exciting adventure last weekend. LOL! … So I thought I would share part of my afternoon with you!
I am making this video in the city of La Crosse Wisconsin. It is located about 80 miles from where I live.
…. The section of the Mississippi river where I made the video of the house boats is a side channel of the large main river. The island behind the house boats is called French Island.
The Mississippi river is very large, 2,350 miles long. It is the third longest river in North America. The river starts in lake Itasca, and ends in the Gulf of Mexico. There are 29 lock’s, and Dam’s to control the water flow. The river is used for shipping goods, and also serves as a border between many of the States. Including Wisconsin and Minnesota. To get into Minnesota I had to take the bridge over the river.
This is a fun video, only intended for entertainment, and to give you an idea of what the area is like.
… The video ends with me showing you Grandad’s Bluff off in the distance. In the next video, Part 2 ….. I go to the top of Grandad’s Bluff! …. Pretty exciting stuff! Ha! Ha!
Thank you for watching my videos!


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