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Shots Fired Ep: 166 Shot Show 2023 Review Pt.1


Part one of 1 @TheNSSF Shot Show in review shots fired! In this episode, we cover in broad strokes how our trip went, and some of our favorite things we saw, as well as a few of the people we met along the way! We tried to tag everyone we talked about in the episode by youtube channel so check for them in the time stamps below! Stay tuned to our channel @TacticalSht for new videos from Shot Show DAILY as well as our recaps WEEKLY!

00:00- Intro
00:01- Special Guest
00:03- TJ Needs Protection
00:04- What Is Shot Show
00:07- @holosuntechnologies831 Fusion
00:11- How our trip went
00:14- Wettest Range Day Ever
00:18- @FranklinArmoryBFSTM Glock and Stribog Triggers
00:24- Arm Brace Rulings
00:27- @GunsGadgets trolling the ATF
00:29- @MEANARMS
00:34- @AndersonManufacturing bolt guns
00:38- @MdttacLSS
00:40- @vktrindustries

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