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Spencer Pratt Alleges The Hills Producer Assaulted Heidi Montag


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The Hills star Spencer Pratt has put the show’s production crew on blast before, now he claims that his wife Heidi Montag was assaulted by a producer.

Spencer Pratt has revealed a lot about The Hills producers in the past, and now he’s alleging one of them assaulted his wife, Heidi Montag, while they were filming the reality series. The reality star appeared on the Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County spin-off for seasons 2-6 and pretty much invented the reality TV villain role. The star played into the idea that he was a bad boyfriend to Heidi and was responsible for ruining her friendship with former best friend and show castmate Lauren Conrad. After the reboot, The Hills: New Beginnings, was canceled by MTV in January, Spencer started a TikTok series called “The Spills” to tell fans all the behind-the-scenes secrets of the popular reality TV show.


In his TikTok series, Spencer unleashed many show secrets, such as the time he went on a fake date with Audrina Patridge, and pointing out all the moments when episodes were clearly using voiceovers. The star said The Hills castmates would go to the recording studio weekly to record lines that would be edited into the episodes. He even told fans about “wild lines,” which were lines of dialogue they had to record with no knowledge of where the dialogue would be edited in. The voiceovers are easy to spot in episodes, as viewers will never see a cast member actually speaking the line, but the cameras will instead be on the back of their heads.

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Though Spencer will probably forever be exposing The Hills producers, he now has an even more shocking claim, as he alleges show producer Adam DiVello assaulted Heidi. Spencer was a guest on the Call Her Daddy podcast, where he explained the incident that happened at a photoshoot, adding that he was not allowed to be at Heidi’s photoshoots but sent her bodyguard to protect her. According to Spencer, Heidi was wearing a loose-fitting, open-back dress that also showed off some of her butt. The star alleges Adam first made a comment about Heidi’s chest—this was shortly after the star was making headlines for plastic surgery, which included a boob job.

Former villain Spencer goes on to say the producer “put his hand like ass cheek grab and the security to the point where he like chopped his hand off and was like checked him.” According to podcast host Alex Cooper, Heidi briefly told her the story when they did an episode together a year earlier, but she was later contacted by an MTV representative asking her to cut the conversation from the episode before it aired. Alex assumed this was Heidi’s request, but recently realized the star never knew about the representative reaching out. The Hills producer has also been accused of harassment by Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn who claims Adam told her to kill herself.

It’s certainly scary that the alleged assault has remained a secret all these years. These types of things go on way too often in the industry, and women should not have to remain quiet about it. With Christine having similar accusations, more stories might also start coming out. The Hills was certainly not as glamorous as it made itself out to be.

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Source: Call Her Daddy/Podcast

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