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Sunday Evening Weather


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Sunday Evening Weather

I hope everyone’s having a great sunday out there. The sunshine really helping us today after a chilly morning, 21 degrees for that morning time low yeah, that actually is cold enough to put us in the top five. Coldest overnight lows here for february the sixth. Ha the coldest that it was was the tapas, I should say it was 1988 18 degrees. And of course we did place the top five, but thankfully we didn’t hit that number one spot, but we were rather close to it. But as soon as the sun came up, the temperatures went up to and it really did warm himself quite nicely 55 degrees right now here in Jackson, that’s our current high temperature in the sunshine is still continuing on through. Getting ready to set here on a parole sky camp and if you look across much of the region, everyone enjoying those mid fifties. It’s a bit chilly though. If you go out into that shade, I mean that shade is a little bit uh a little chilly if you don’t have the sunshine on you. But overall not so bad because we don’t really have any kind of winds to counteract on these cooler temperatures and we actually have a high pressure right over the southeast. That’s why you’ve got these calm quiet and crystal blue skies across a lot of the area. So that is good news. However, as we go on for tonight, those clear skies will turn into yet another chilly night out there. So we’re back into the upper twenties here for Jackson for those overnight lows and everyone around that freezing line of not under that freezing line in southern Mississippi. So cold nights continue here for Mississippi as we go in for tonight as we eye our next cold front. Now no precipitation on this next cold front Justin clouds involved with it all it’s gonna do is just keep our temperature steady. So as we go into monday there will be some clouds involved. But as soon as the cold front comes through, more cold temperatures spilled through and we’re back down into those lower thirties upper twenties where some of the areas so it is going to be quite chilly as we’re going to start off this week. So what about the rest of the week though? Well let’s just get over this hump, let’s get over monday Tuesday, Wednesday, which is the times we’re going to be below freezing in terms of those overnight lows in the morning time averages, there could be a frost as we go into the middle part of the week. However, as we go in towards the end part of the week, a bit of another cold front could be eyeing or it could be in the future. I want you to watch that overall though. The overall high temperatures are not bad at all. There’s really just not that much to talk about in terms of these cool, cool temperatures and seasonal temperatures that we’re seeing right now. So really nice conditions all across the board saturday and the sunday, there’s the big drop 62 to 52 that’s where I’m eyeing that next cold front. That could be coming through until then. Another chilly night out there, folks. And also a dry night to, we’re not gonna see any rain honestly, throughout the next few days it’s going to be very dry here in Jackson as we go into this week and it has been dry. Honestly, if you look at it for the past few months, we’ve been really dry here in Jackson ever since september. We’ve actually had a deficit of rainfall all the way up into january and even starting this month, we still have that deficit. So our Delta Counties are definitely suffering in terms of that rainfall, we really do need it. So just a heads up, if you’re running anything outside this weekend, might want to go ahead and be careful with that. But for tonight, forget upper twenties, another cold night out there, calm conditions as we go on for tomorrow. The mid fifties, a seasonal day with a few morning clouds that will be coming through. It all moves out, those who go in for tomorrow night into Tuesday into those mid fifties, Tuesday notice we’re staying down in the mid fifties, but as soon as that high pressure settles in Wednesday, thursday friday, we’re back to the sixties overnight lows still a bit frosty, but seasonal, I mean this is a really seasonal forecast for february as we go into next weekend. That’s when we’re expecting our next cold front, mm. Hmm.

Sunday Evening Weather

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