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Taurus Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 27 – July 3, 2022

Is it genuine or just an illusion? You might discover a not-so-true friend lurking among the ranks of your social circle over the coming months as deceptive Neptune shifts into retrograde in your communal eleventh house on Tuesday, June 28. Your closest (platonic) people are like family to you, Bull, but it still is up to you to make sure they deserve your affection and loyalty. This annual five-month reversal can provide a clearer, if not necessarily welcome, purview into some of the sketchy dynamics that you either willingly have overlooked or that were well concealed. Leave it to foggy Neptune to lift those rose-colored glasses from your eyes! Now you get to decide how to handle this. If it’s a longtime connection and their motivation seems benign, sit down and talk it out. Initiate a gloves-off convo, letting them know why you’re unhappy and spelling out the changes you need to see. You both might learn something valuable. But if circumstances point to having to cut someone from the squad, console yourself with a reminder that slackers and divas are NOT the kind of people who will ever uplift you.

Later on Tuesday, the year’s only Cancer new moon electrifies your third house of communication and cooperation. This watery energy brings a monsoon of emotions—but also soulfulness—to every interaction. Over the coming six months, soften the edges between professional and personal. Deepen your connection with your work, colleagues, pals and even neighbors you see all the time. Whether you’re looking to team up on a project or find new trivia-night team members, seek out prospective collaborators you feel a genuine kinship with. New moons bring fresh starts, making this an auspicious time to launch a joint venture. Just be true to your methodical nature, and don’t rush to make anything official. Test the waters with a small project that will reveal where you mesh and where you might have to work harder to pull this off. This third-house lunation powers up your gift of gab, making you an impressive raconteur, which can help take a message viral or, romantically, give you the confidence to make the first move!

Your cautious sign doesn’t exactly embrace risk, but on Friday, you might be willing to give a big dream a go. Get clear on your vision first, including a step-by-step road map—and then take a leap of faith! A powerful alignment of the co-rulers of Scorpio, motivational Mars (currently in your twelfth house of existentialism) and transformative Pluto (in your expansive ninth house), might be just the push you’ve needed to get off the starting block. If you’ve done all your research and put in the sweat equity, it’s time to leap! (And no, Taurus, you DON’T need one “last second opinion,” ok?) Plan to follow all rules and protocols and skip any shortcuts, however tempting they may be. Your reputation could be at stake, and thanks to penetrating Pluto in your candid ninth house, honesty should be your ONLY policy. So, no faking it till you make it. If you don’t have the answer to a question someone raises, tell them you’ll research it and get back to them. And then keep your promise!

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