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The 15 Funniest/Most Adorable Moments


Arguably one of the best reality dating series out there, and certainly one of the most “real,” Love on the Spectrum has become a breakout success for Netflix. The Australian show sees singles who are all on the autism spectrum try their hand at dating, many for the first time. They get coaching from an expert, encouragement from their parents and friends, and learn to better interact socially with others.

Love on the Spectrum was filled with adorable, cute, and fun moments that had fans easily pegging this as one of the most heartwarming shows on television.

Updated on June 30th, 2022 by Christine Persaud: With the success of Love on the Spectrum, the show not only returned for a second season but also spawned a U.S. version that took place with a brand new cast of singles on the spectrum. Filmed in California, it was just as sweet, honest, and eye-opening. Between the second season as well as the U.S. version, there were plenty more adorable and funny moments to love. 


Sharnae And Jimmy’s Wedding

Sharnae and Jimmy in wedding attire after their ceremony on Love on the Spectrum.

A big part of the second season was the pending nuptials between fan favorites from season 1, Jimmy and Sharnae. Having dated for some time prior to the show documenting their relationship, they finally decided to make things official and tie the knot. From the beautiful moments where they relied on one another to get them through moments of anxiety and hardship, to the lovely personal wedding vows and the smiles from ear-to-ear, it was adorable to see this couple find happiness together.

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They were one of a few couples on the show who proved that being on the spectrum doesn’t mean there isn’t someone else out there for you. They found one another and are in it for the long-haul.

Chloe And Mark’s Date

Mark and Chloe from Love on the Spectrum in an embrace.

Chloe and Mark were both featured in season 1 and quickly emerged as fan favorites, both the subject of Love on the Spectrum memes that celebrate the beauty of the show. But their journeys were separate from one another until Chloe watched season 1 and expressed an interest in Mark.

In season 2, they were put together by producers and actually ended up having a long-term relationship. According to a where are they now for season 1 cast of Love on the Spectrumthey eventually parted ways once they grew apart. However, their first date was one of the loveliest on the show, with Chloe nervous about meeting Mark and revealing that she had developed a crush on him.

Subodh Asking Rachel To Be His Girlfriend

love on the spectrum subodh date

Fans instantly fell in love with Subodh from the American season of the show, and his very blunt and direct nature. He never minced words which meant people always knew what he was thinking. But he found himself vulnerable in the presence of Rachel. Things went so well that he decided that he was ready to ask her to make things official and be his girlfriend.

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Their conversation and her acceptance of his ask was a beautiful moment on the show. It was complemented by the joy seen in Subodh’s parents and his sister, who were clearly over the moon at the fact that he had found happiness.

Everything About Steve

Steve from Love on the Spectrum US sitting in a chair, smiling.

As the oldest-ever single to appear on the show, including both the Australian and American versions, Steve from the American version was one of the favorites on Love on the Spectrum, according to Reddit. From his corny jokes to his sweet demeanor and his genuine desire to find love at the age of 63, he captured the hearts of viewers.

Steve was passionate about love and expressed how deeply he wanted to find someone. He tried online dating with the help of a personal assistant and was simply a joyful person to be around. While none of his dates worked out, fans have hope that exposure from the show will have his phone ringing off the hook.

Dani’s Reaction To Solomon

Dani and Solomon from Love on the Spectrum US on a picnic date.

One of the differences between the Australian and U.S. versions of Love on the Spectrum is that the dating process tended to move a lot faster. For example, Dani and Solomon kissed on their first date. But what was so funny and adorable was her extreme reaction to meeting him. She was completely taken by him, finding him good-looking, funny, and a good conversationalist.

Any time she met with a producer to talk about the date, she was so expressive and giddy, even declaring that she felt she was in love. It was like watching two high school kids falling in love, and while she decided in the end that he wasn’t for her, breaking his heart over the phone, her initial reaction was priceless.

Michael Talking About What He Wants In A Woman

Michael: Love on the Spectrum

Pretty much every moment with Michael was adorable but ranking right up there was every time he talked about what he wanted in a woman and what he could offer her. He wants someone who is beautiful, but not supermodel beautiful, only about 50/50 beautiful. He doesn’t want to be anyone’s bodyguard or their sugar daddy, either.

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His laser focus on finding the perfect woman for him and his strong belief that she’s out there and he’ll find her was one of the most adorable things about the show. Not to mention that he has already thought out a concept for an engagement ring, shaped like a crown because she “will be his queen.”

Michael Meeting Dawn Wells

Even though Michael’s second date with Amanda didn’t end in romance, he did get to meet his idea of a perfect woman: Dawn Wells. While much older now than when she was while playing Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island, that didn’t stop Michael from getting truly nervous and giddy meeting her. Sadly, Wells has since passed away.

Michael got a hug, a chat, and a photo that he will undoubtedly cherish forever until he finds his very own Mary Ann. While he returned in season 2 to continue his quest for love, Michael remains single and still looking for “the one.” Nonetheless, meeting his idol and “perfect woman” was a highlight of the season.

Andrew Making A Sex On The Beach

While Andrew’s super cute James Bond impression comes in as a close second in terms of the cutest thing about him, more adorable than that was his step-by-step demonstration of how to make the perfect Sex on the Beach, his favorite alcoholic beverage.

Andrew walks viewers through all of the ingredients, mixing, tasting, then relaxing in front of the TV while enjoying his creation. His journey to find love was unsuccessful, but considering his skills, abilities, and fun-loving personality, chances are he won’t remain single for long.

Olivia Belching…Repeatedly

Olivia had three dates on the show, and on all three, she accidentally let out a really loud belch. All three of the guys laughed along with her and didn’t seem phased at all. Olivia seemed slightly embarrassed, but it might very well just be a nervous thing she does.

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Nonetheless, the first time it happened was funny. The second time was odd. But by the third time, it’s almost like a test to see which guy laughs along with her or burps back. Nonetheless, it was a cute trait of hers that helped break the ice and make both parties feel comfortable.

Chloe And Her Best Friend Giggling Around The Guys

One of the problematic things about Love on the Spectrum, according to Reddit, is that it infantilizes people. But if there’s any single from the show who proves this wrong, it’s Chloe. Chloe’s best friend has Down Syndrome and is deaf and mute, and Chloe describes their outings as just being regular girls who like to get up to trouble and don’t follow the rules. Viewers got to see a glimpse of that when the two were enjoying drinks on the patio of a restaurant and spotted two cute guys sitting a few tables away.

Like giddy schoolgirls, they got up and tried to gingerly approach the guys, giggling the whole time. They chickened out in the end, but it was cute to see them doing what most young girls do.

Kelvin’s Practice Dating With Jodi

Jodi did wonderful work with many of the singles, helping them with how to act on their dates, including talking about how to keep a conversation flowing, what kinds of questions to ask, making eye contact, and so on.

One of the cutest was Kelvin. When Jodi pretended to be his date, he worked on his conversational skills, showing that he cares about the other person, and trying to find common interests. He was a quick learner, and even came up with some of his own ideas for questions, like asking her what movie she most recently saw.

Every Interaction Between Ruth And Thomas

It’s clear that Ruth and Thomas, one of the couples from Love on the Spectrum who are still together, were made for one another. They get each other so well and are able to handle one another’s quirks. Together for years, engaged on the show, and now married, they shared plenty of laughs and a clear attraction to one another.

One of the cutest moments was their conversations at home and showing their favorite things, including Thomas’ train set in the backyard and Ruth’s massive collection of business cards as well as her love for her snake.

Every Interaction Between Michael And His Parents

Michael clearly has the coolest parents, as is evidenced from their interactions on the show. He talks on and on about his ideal woman and how great a catch he is as his mother listens in, laughing at all of his unintentional jokes.

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The back and forth between them is adorable and it’s clear his parents have instilled a tremendous level of confidence in Michael that will get him far in life. The entire family returned for the season season where fans got to see and learn more about the family and their adorable dynamic.

Maddi’s Reaction On Her Second Date With Mark

When the cameraman asks Maddi how her date was going at the museum with Mark, it’s clear she isn’t having a great time. She jokes that she hasn’t been able to get a word in, but it’s alright.

Mark was so enthusiastic to talk about dinosaurs, which he loved. But unfortunately, Maddi didn’t share that enthusiasm. Nonetheless, it was funny seeing Maddi visibly bored and uninterested in all of the prehistoric facts. It all worked out in the end for Mark, who had a similar date with Chloe on the second season that went swimmingly.

Jimmy’s Proposal

The fifth and final episode of season 1 ended with an adorable proposal by Jimmy, who surprised Sharnae. While she thinks they’re just going out for dinner while on vacation, he has arranged for a piano player to be there, sings her a few verses of a song, then gets down on one knee to ask her to be his wife.

Clearly his need to do a Rubik’s Cube before leaving and his obsession with getting socks that would match his suit and shoes wasn’t all related to his autism – it was also likely nerves as he knew what he was preparing to do and wanted the moment to be perfect. Indeed, it was a perfect way to end the season.

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