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These Celebs Died From Coronavirus


The Coronavirus pandemic has not only devastated economies and changed our way of life, but it exhausted the resources at hospitals all across the world. It’s also sadly taken the lives of millions of people.

The Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate, and it has also taken the lives of the rich and famous in the entertainment world. It’s taken the lives of a great singer-songwriter and storyteller, a renowned playwright, and a beloved magician and entertainer, to name just a few.

The list keeps growing and in honor of those who left us because of the coronavirus we’ve made a list of celebs who died from the virus.

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Manu Dibango | 0:00
Floyd Cardoz | 0:55
Terrence McNally | 1:43
Mark Blum | 2:34
Joe Diffie | 3:30
Andrew Jack | 4:27
Adam Schlesinger | 5:22
Ellis Marsalis Jr. | 6:24
John “Bucky” Pizzarelli | 7:14
Lee Fierro | 8:05
Jay Benedict | 8:47
John Prine | 9:23
Hal Willner | 10:34
Allen Daviau | 11:15
Hilary Heath | 12:12
Allen Garfield | 13:11
Julie Bennett | 13:58
Roy Horn | 14:34

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