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Tuesday Evening Weather


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Tuesday Evening Weather

super sunshine today. And there is more of this to come boy, I’ll tell you it felt good this afternoon, the next couple of days looking good. Beautiful sunset last evening and we will see a repeat of today. This is the water vapor and you see that orange color over, spreading the area that is dry air. That is why it is crystal clear across our area. And for most of the week outside of some passing high clouds looking good. We do have northwest flow the areas of pacific origin and you can see temperatures in the plain states where the air is coming from mild and that’s what we will be enjoying for the rest of the week. This afternoon, everybody pretty much right around the 60 degree mark. The gulf waters have coastal areas a little bit cooler down there temperatures tonight. Well we’re in the twenties, late last night and this morning, but with the 60 degree temperatures and then cooling down into the thirties tonight will be a little on the chilly side. But like today and really even faster than today, temperatures will warm rapidly. Temperature is still going to be in the thirties to near 40 for a couple more nights, seasonally chilly. And you can see we’ve got a cold front over the weekend will drop down in the twenties, but it looks like that’ll be a quick hitter and then temperatures go back up to seasonal levels for next week. Here are the highest for tomorrow, near 60 today, mid sixties tomorrow and thursday and friday we will threaten 70°. How about that? That is going to be fine. Couple of dr Fronts will be coming through. No weather worries associated with those fronts. Very pleasant temperatures and you know, friday is one of those days. You may want to play hookey, get out of work a little early because it is going to be one of the nicest days we have had in a long time. Now we do have northwest flow and there are several disturbances in that. This one coming out of the gulf of Alaska is gonna dip down and bring a cold front. On saturday, the air masses dry and there’s gonna be a shot of chilly air behind it might be able to muster up a light showers as the front moves through late saturday. I still have the forecast dry but still keep that in mind. It’s gonna turn a little bit chilly for the weekend after a warm friday, 33 little frost around. But a rapid warmup tomorrow up to 65 will be a breeze out of the west, about 10 7 day forecast. Boy, that is good looking. You can see the quick head of chilly air over the weekend behind that front. Okay, mm hmm.

Tuesday Evening Weather

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