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Is Mississippi racist?
Is Mississippi poor?
And is Mississippi still living in the past?

We’re going to answer those tough deep uncomfortable questions and talk about a whole lot more too. So go get yer mammies and yer pappies and yer pas. We’re gonna unbox the state of Mississippi!

The Mississippi River. What a grand gal she is. It’s the 2nd longest river in the country and certainly one of the widest in the world. I mean at the top of the river this thing is 11 miles wide! There’s water in that thing from 31 different states, and even parts of Canada. Along its banks are many major cities, and this waterway has been a critical means of transportation, power, and food for this country since before we were even a country.

1 out of every 4 species of fish is found in this river and its home to 40% of all migratory birds found in the US. It really is an ecological wonder. There’s stories about this river that make for some good reading. Lots of big boats met its bottom and many songs have been written about its muddy waters too.

Today, engineers are constantly battling with this river, creating artificial dams, banks and levees to try and keep the river within its current course. It’s very important to the south, and to the state of Mississippi in particular.

But this area near the river here in Mississippi are just a small part of this state overall. This state has a lot more to explore, and odds are if you moved here, you wouldn’t live anywhere NEAR the Mighty Mississippi. If you’re curious about what Mississippi is like, and are thinking of making this your home, well, then, you need to know all about the Magnolia State. And I think you might be surprised to hear that this state far exceeds whatever stereotypes you’ve heard in the past. I’d bet if you moved here, you might find it’s better than you’d expect, but worse than you would like.

This is Mississippi. You could break this state up into several areas, and each one would have its own culture, economic outlook and outlook on life. Some areas are really bad and some parts of this state are doing really well. It’s an average sized state – about the size of New York, but the population here is only about that of San Antonio. And as we’ll see, the population here is shrinking. We’ll see why soon enough.

But for now, let’s begin our tour of this state here in the northeast part of Mississippi.
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