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Which Umbrella Academy Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


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Netflix series The Umbrella Academy has a cast of strong, unique characters that make the story feel different to many other superhero sagas, and the evolution of its characters is one of many reasons why fans keep watching episode after episode.

Although the siblings of The Umbrella Academy were all born on October 1st, 1989 they each have wildly different personalities, which line up with the traits of different zodiac signs. Analyzing the characters in this way can emphasize their most obvious attributes or highlight more subtle ones, and allow viewers to feel connected to the character whose zodiac sign matches their own.


Updated on June 15, 2022 by Stacie Rook: Following the shocking cliffhanger that ended season 2, The Umbrella Academy is set to return with season 3 on June 22 and promises to introduce a wide range of new characters, namely the members of the mysterious Sparrow Academy. This is sure to cause new problems for the Hargreeves siblings, who will surely react in a range of ways, as their differing temperaments dictate. 

Aries – Five

The Umbrella Academy Five apocalypse

The Boy, also known as Five, has classic Aries traits like great passion and impulsiveness. He loves to give orders but struggles to receive them, which is why he is often stubborn and causes problems for those around him. Even so, his persistence helps him to achieve his goals, even if he has to spend years pursuing them.

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Aries (and Five) can get upset when situations don’t turn out the way they expect, but at the same time, they have great mental capacity and the ability to adapt to all kinds of situations. In Five’s case, this adaptability proves particularly useful, as his life has been filled with apocalypses.

Taurus – Diego

Diego looking at someone in The umbrella Academy

Diego is consistent and hardworking, as are the people of the Taurus sign. Over the course of the major Netflix-launched series so far, Diego has proven himself to be practical and self-sufficient, trying to solve problems by himself particularly when he doesn’t agree with his siblings’ opinions.

This stubbornness does put him at odds with his family, though, especially with Luther, whose desire to be a leader sometimes sees him overlook others’ concerns. Despite this, Diego is loyal to his siblings in true Taurus fashion, and ultimately has their best interests at heart.

Gemini – Allison

umbrella academy emmy raver lampman allison

With the ability to influence the actions and beliefs of others by telling them that she “heard a rumor,” Allison embodies the Gemini traits of being powerful communicators skilled in persuasion. Outside of her skills, though, her history as a Hollywood celebrity at the show’s outset is also evidence of her influential personality.

Geminis are also intelligent and curious people who can apply their skills to countless scenarios, something that Allison does even after one of the saddest things to happen to the Hargreeves siblings (Viktor’s attack which left her voiceless) occurs. Sent back in time to the 1960s, Allison became a key player in the American Civil Rights Movement.

Cancer – Viktor

Viktor Hargreeves as seen in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy

Viktor is arguably the most powerful of his siblings, but to protect humanity his father made him believe that he had no powers. Being separated from his siblings caused Viktor great hurt, and in the series, he displays the kind of sensitivity associated with the Cancer sign.

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As a result of his ostracization, though, Viktor also became a very keen observer of his family, as proven when it’s revealed in season 1 that he published a tell-all book about the life and secrets of the Umbrella Academy.

Leo – The Handler

Umbrella Academy season 2 Handler

Leos and The Handler share a determination, both being strong people who move through life with great confidence. Intensely motivated, they have high levels of self-esteem and do not let themselves be overwhelmed by anyone.

Within her organization, The Handler is shown to be someone always in control, and she has the ability to work hard and focus on one goal. When contradicted, though, the character can exhibit some negative Leo traits, namely her controlling approach to life.

Virgo – Luther

Luther smiling slightly in The Umbrella Academy

Out of his siblings, Luther is the individual whom Reginald seems to trust the most. Like Virgos, Luther freely gives all he has when someone else requires it from him, though this can lead to him being manipulated, particularly by Reginald.

Being both hardworking and tireless are also qualities that Luther shares with the Virgo sign, but similarly, he also exhibits some Virgo sternness, as seen in his treatment of Viktor in season 1, which leads to major problems for the family.

Libra – Grace

Grace in The Umbrella Academy

Despite being a robot constructed to perform the role of mother and nanny to the Hargreeves children, Grace was the only parental figure who was emotionally open and concerned about the well-being of the Umbrella Academy members.

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As Libras tend to do, Grace seeks balance through peaceful actions, hoping to ensure that everyone could live in serenity at her home. Her generosity is unmatched, and this caring personality perfectly aligns her with the Libra sign.

Scorpio – Ben

Justin Min as Ben in The Umbrella Academy

Ben is a very mysterious figure in The Umbrella Academy, and this mystery is something he shares with people under the Scorpio sign. While he might initially seem reserved, the show later proves that he is capable of greatness.

He has very interesting powers, yet there remain many things about Ben that only comic book fans know. Like Scorpios, Ben is heroic and selfless, though his separation from his siblings as a ghost can lead to him experiencing some jealousy.

Sagittarius – Lila

Lila in The Umbrella Academy

First introduced in season 2, Lila’s story sees her act as both an ally and antagonist to the Hargreeves family. The Sagittarius sign is one that by turns can be both caring and careless, which mirrors this contrast of Lila’s character.

Sagittariuses are charming, a trait that Lila possesses in spite of her prickly exterior, and she uses this skill in order to quickly develop a relationship with Diego. At the same time, though, Lila has the bluntness and impulsivity of a Sagittarius which informs her shifting loyalties, leading to her betrayal not only of Diego but The Handler too.

Capricorn – Pogo

Pogo the monkey in The Umbrella Academy

Like a true Capricorn, Pogo has all his steps calculated. He keeps many secrets from the Hargreeves children and refuses to reveal them. Moreover, like all Capricorns, he is capable of keeping the house in order by himself because of his perfectionist personality.

Pogo exhibits positive Capricorn characteristics, like responsibility towards his work, but on the other hand, the character has been at the center of some of The Umbrella Academy‘s unpopular opinions, as his reserved nature made it easy for him to hide the truth.

Aquarius – Reginald Hargreeves

Colm Feore as Sir Reginald Hargreeves in Umbrella Academy

Like all Aquariuses, Reginald is witty and intelligent with an eccentric personality that led him to adopt (or buy) a number of the remarkable children born on October 1st, 1989.

His strange ideas and hidden motives drive him to commit acts that seem unusual to others, but from his perspective make perfect sense, aligning him with the creativity and ambition of the water-bearer sign. This ambition can lead him to extremes, though, and he is prone to showing great insensitivity towards his children.

Pisces – Klaus

Klaus gesturing to Ben in The Umbrella Academy

Klaus’ powers of being able to communicate with the dead highlight his Pisces sensitivity and intuition. A unique and artistic person, he has a strong personal style and deep imagination.

His ability is often debilitating for him, which like the deeply empathetic Pisces can make him long to escape from reality and close off from the people around him. But even after all the trauma Klaus has faced, he shows much strength of character.

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