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Why RHOBH is Accused of Being The Most ‘Unwoke’ Cast


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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars are facing claims that they’re racially insensitive. Fans think they’re the most “unwoke” franchise group.

Amid all the backlash that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast is facing for a range of racially insensitive scandals, fans are calling the women the most “unwoke” cast. As housewives, all of the cast members have faced their fair share of criticism from viewers. However, season 12 has seen the women called out for their onscreen and offscreen behavior. Most recently, Erika Jayne, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, and newcomer Diana Jenkins have come under fire from fans, who believe that they’re either racist or racially insensitive.

Lisa Rinna has put herself in the middle of different social media feuds in recent weeks, and critics think that she’s doing it for attention. However, Lisa barked up the wrong tree last week. She called out The Real Housewives of Dubai cast while defending her predominantly white co-stars, who are feuding with Garcelle Beauvais. Many fans took Lisa’s shade, which was directed at the RHODubai cast, as a microaggression against the newest franchise, which consists primarily of women of color. With Garcelle being the only Black housewife on the show, fans are quick to call out anything they deem discriminatory against her. Just ahead of Lisa’s antics, Diana came under fire after scolding Garcelle in an Instagram post, where she referenced all the charity work she’s done in Garcelle’s home country, Haiti, and in the Congo. If Diana was attempting to gain praise from fans, she received the exact opposite.


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Considering all of the race-related criticisms surrounding the RHOBH, Reddit user u/Dazzling_Salad6772 wanted to explain why the women are “the most “un-woke” cast members. Except for Garcelle and Crystal Kung Minkoff, the Redditor believes that the remaining cast members are, “unaware and unwoke when it comes to gaslighting, racism, privilege.” The viewer also noted the cast members’ ages, stating that none of them were old enough “to say it’s a generational thing.” They went on to note that Garcelle and Crystal are the only two housewives of color on the show, saying they were hired in 2020, amid protests and social unrest over racial injustice. The viewer seemingly suggested that Bravo still has a way to go when it comes to addressing issues around race, culture, and diversity.

Kyle, Dorit, and Lisa standing and talking before Kyle's fashion show on RHOBH

Others joined the discussion to encourage producers to perform a cast shakeup on RHOBH Season 13. Fans had already been calling for a change in casting due to complaints that the show was becoming stale, and only focusing on surface-level drama. A lot of the recent complaints are a result of the stars’ social media behavior, or recently released preview clips of upcoming episodes. While the criticism against the white cast members has been constant, some fans still aren’t forgetting how bothered they were by Crystal seemingly trying to take down Sutton Stracke with false claims. “Crystal isn’t woke,” one Redditor quipped, while referencing the recent accusations she faced about being a bad friend.

However, Crystal possibly losing friends for allegedly fabricating encounters, or Garcelle being criticized for not always sticking up for Sutton, are minor issues compared to the ongoing backlash the other cast members are receiving. After fans saw Erika cuss at Garcelle’s teenage son, many are completely done with the scandalous show star. With Kyle and Dorit laughing about the encounter with their husbands, viewers are also calling for one or all of them to be removed. With all the race-based scandals within The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, viewers are starting to think the women aren’t as “woke” as the audience watching their show.

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Source: u/Dazzling_Salad6772/Reddit

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