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Woman dead after app date, family demands answers / Jogger calmly calls 911 while holding attacker


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This week on True Crime Daily The Podcast: A Connecticut woman is reported dead by a man who appears to have spent the night with her in December. Police never alerted the woman’s family, who learned of her death from a note left on her door (1:17). Now her autopsy report is spurring more questions on how the case is being handled, and why the man who called 911 hasn’t been fully investigated.
And a Florida man allegedly attacked a jogger in his neighborhood, using a rubber mallet, a bathrobe belt and a can of body spray, with the intent of keeping the man’s body in his closet for his own purposes, according to authorities (31:04). The jogger fought back.
Criminal defense attorney Alison Triessl joins host Ana Garcia.

Alison Triessl

Ana Garcia
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