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YBS: Homelessness Problem & Solution; Increasing Opioid Deaths


0:00:00 Intro
0:06:30 Homelessness Problem & Solution
0:49:42 Do you think most homeless people are homeless because they’re not virtuous?
0:50:42 Being homeless is such an inhumane unacceptable state, that’s why people want to end it so badly. I’m not sure that urge is necessarily immoral or altruistic.
0:51:23 What happened to vagrancy laws & private charity?
0:53:27 Is there more homeless in France than Scandinavia because the French are an ill tempered people or because they are a less homogenous society?
0:55:27 Do western European nations hide homeless people better by forcing them into shelters and off the streets? Just so they can claim welfare-ism works?
0:57:38 In a free society, how is the issue of dealing with the homeless that are mentally ill handled? Non profits, I assume? Has the closing of State mental hospitals contributed to the issue?
0:59:43 One of the criticisms I hear of capitalism is that it is based on immoral theft… the enclosure of the common lands that forced people off the land at gunpoint. What is the proper rebuttal to this argument?
1:01:07 “In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this word to those who are its worst. Do not lose your knowledge that mans proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind & a step that travels unlimited roads”
1:02:31 According to an NAHB study in 2021, developing a home valued at $397,300, $93,870 of the cost is in the form of government regulations, 23.8% of the value of the home.
1:03:52 Downtown St. Louis seems to be dying due to homelessness, covid and the working from home lifestyle. RIP to my recently bought condo valuation
1:04:29 I don’t see many homeless people in big cities in Florida like Miami and West Palm Beach.
1:04:51 they evicted the swamp creatures in Florida lol
1:05:08 A lot of red states can’t afford to play these socialist games the way rich blue states can. If Mississippi had housing regulations like California, half the state would be living on the streets
1:05:49 The fight for affordable housing will be a legal one, like AirBnb and Uber had but on steroids- I we a brave Billionaire understanding the legal and lobbying challenges is America’s best bet.
1:06:35 1) Is welfare there to keep meritless people out of our way? We’ve basically created an underclass of unemployable people with hygiene and temperament issues. If you cut them off, I doubt they would get jobs.
1:08:28 The restaurant has been too busy for me to watch you live, but I owe you money for your Al Horford jersey. Go Celtics
1:08:42 Why hasn’t section 8 housing solved the homeless problem? We have a lot of both in California.
1:09:50 Do you think Depression is major cause for the raising homeless rate?
1:10:51 Increasing Opioid Deaths
1:22:11 Obviously our rights given in the United States Constitution are imperative to our happiness, but I think checks and balances on our branchs in government are even more important, because they prevent the centralization of power from falling into one institution.
1:25:39 Have you read C Bradley Thompsons take on Progressive education and school shootings?
1:27:06 they can push back all they want but you’re right I live in a rural area I’ve been around a lot of drug abuse and what you’re saying is the simple truth. I think another reason for this is pessimism
1:29:54 A common theme of existentialism is the alienated outsider. Do you think this is a base premise of Woke, Marxism, homelessness, drug use….
1:31:12 Are you saying because we’re human beings we have certain universal rights? If yes how do we know these rights? Is it through reason?
1:32:15 I was originally going to say cultural decay but I didn’t want to sound like a right-wing nut
1:32:58 Conservatives, libertarians and leftists have a fair amount of popular comedians. Does objectivism need more comedy to appeal to a broader audience? Does objectivism lend itself to comedy?
1:35:41 If everyone in the world followed and practiced the philosophy of objectivism, how much better would life be. Big question I know.
1:36:25 Outro

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