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Check out the MAX in Meridian! The Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience


Over a decade in the making, the Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience, better known as the MAX, officially opened in Meridian in April of 2018. The MAX celebrates all kinds of artists from the Magnolia State—from musicians to chefs. No matter what your interests are, you will learn about plenty of people you may not have even known were from Mississippi. On top of that, the MAX offers weekly events, live music, plus a state-of-the-art recording studio. Find out how to visit at msarts.org/visit.

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There is something marvelous about the beautiful Magnolia State we call Mississippi. Wonderful and inspiring good news pours in every day, from the delta flood plain all the way to the Gulf coast seashore, and every forest, bayou, and red clay hill in between!

The birthplace of Rock and Blues continues to shine with incredible culture and lives up to its other name, the “Hospitality State”, by being centered around the family, and by being friendly and welcoming to each and every visitor.

Our Mississippi Home shines a spotlight on the extraordinary advances being made in business in our metropolitan centers and rural areas, and showcases every day Mississippi heroes who accomplish “the impossible,” expand our horizons, and amaze us with their discoveries and acts of generosity.

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Check out the MAX in Meridian!

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