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Leo Tebele Releases Beautiful Deep House Single, “Still Be One”


Leo Tebele is a DJ and music producer. Fueled by his passion for music, Leo started playing guitar and writing music at a young age growing up in NYC. Today, working as an active open format DJ, Leo spins a variety of genres while playing a wide array of events. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music in many genres allowing for his DJ sets to be versatile, comfortable, and electric.

Now, he’s back with what is our favorite release thus far, “Still Be One“, a deep and melodic house beauty. A touching vocal rides forefront backed by blissful melodies, soft piano chords, and captivating groove that gives this the feeling it could work in the clubs or while you’re lounging poolside.

Here’s what Leo Tebele had to say about it:

“The messaging of the song is meant to be open to interpretation of the listener. For me,’Still Be One’ is about a person and their significant other experiencing a special kind of love for each other – this love leads the couple to do extraordinary things for each other they wouldn’t necessarily do for other people. Over the course of their relationship, the couple goes through amazing times and tough times but even through the ups and downs they discover they have true love for each other and choose to spend the rest of their lives with each other and will ‘Still Be One’ together through the ups and downs of life and their relationship – whether you’re ‘one’ as an individual or ‘one’ as a unified couple, we will ‘Still Be One’ through the ups & downs of life.”    

Listen below!

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