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Mike Espy For Senate 2018 – Mississippi Senate Race 2018 – Mississippi Special Election 2018


I am running for the United States Senate to make Mississippi proud. I will work every day to be a shining example of our state to our nation. Recognizing that finding common ground and coming together with dignity and respect for each other is the path to progress. As Mississippi’s Senator I plan to get things done and moving forward for all.

Independents, women, and younger voters in Mississippi need to hear that Mike Espy will take on the big drug companies to stop price-gouging and make sure insurance companies can’t deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Mike wants to protect and strengthen our small town hospitals and clinics. Mike believes in Mississippi, and will work to improve education, bolster our image throughout country to correct damaging stereotypes, and attract jobs to Mississippi. Mike will work to keep and bring back our young people to Mississippi by creating good jobs and caring communities for them here. Mike will focus on youth, helping to foster a greater sense of respect for themselves and for others.

For more information, visit https://espyforsenate.com

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