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MILLIONAIRE Graham Stephan gets RECESSION NECK Hammered Away!


Creative @Lais DeLeon @Lais DeLeon

@Graham Stephan is the host of the @The Graham Stephan Show and @The Iced Coffee Hour

After breaking the $1 million annual income threshold in 2019 and making $5.1 million in 2020, Stephan is on pace to earn $6 million in 2021 after expenses, with $3 million coming from YouTube ad revenue and the rest coming from sponsorships and affiliates, as well as selling courses on the online platform Teachable. He owns a massive real estate portfolio and learned to make money as a real estate agent and later an investor. He is the epitome of the american dream. Make sure to go subscribe to his channel for the best in finance entertainment! He has been successful in crypto and the stock market and now owns a ford gt and tesla roadster!

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@Dr. Carlos Gamero

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