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Mississippi: 24 Hrs in Gulf Coast Mississippi Travel Vlog | What To Do, See & Eat – The Secret Coast


For the second state in our “50 States in a Year” series, we’re visiting Mississippi, specifically the Gulf Coast also known as the Secret Coast. We had one day to explore the 62 miles of coastline, starting on the west end of the coast in Bay St. Louis, and working our way east through 12 unique coastal towns before ending our day watching the sunset on the beach in Ocean Springs! While 24 hours in Coastal Mississippi isn’t nearly enough time to experience all that this amazing area has to offer, it’s definitely enough time to realize that you need to plan a return visit!

Let us know your favorite things to do in Coastal Mississippi, and be sure to check out our “One Day Coastal Mississippi Itinerary – What to do, see, and eat” blog!

Here is our FREE Printable Itinerary “One Day in Coastal Mississippi” https://www.adventuresofmattandnat.com/post/the-ultimate-one-day-coastal-mississippi-itinerary-what-to-do-see-and-eat


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24 Hours in Coastal Mississippi | State 2/50 | Travel Vlog 2021 | Roadtrip |
Filmed January 2021 #TravelingDuringCoVid


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