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Where’s Murray At The End Of Stranger Things 4 Volume 2?


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Murray Bauman is notable for his absence at the end of Stranger Things season 4, volume 2, so just where is he as the finale’s story wraps up?

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Stranger Things season 4’s finale.

The fate and whereabouts of Murray Bauman in Stranger Things season 4, volume 2’s ending are left unclear, although it’s thankfully unlikely there’s a dark twist being lined up. Murray’s taken on an increasingly large role in Stranger Things, and that’s continued in season 4. The penultimate season of the show has seen Murray accompany Joyce Byers on a mission to Russia to rescue Jim Hopper. And, after fights with an untrustworthy pilot and some dangerous dalliances with demogorgons, the trio – along with Enzo and Yuri – manage to make it off Soviet soil and head back to the United States.


It had always seemed likely that this is where Stranger Things season 4’s Russia story was headed, especially with Hopper heading home, though it wasn’t always clear if everyone in the party would make it. Thankfully, they did – or at least, that seems to be the case. Once the action returns to Hawkins, viewers get to see both Hopper and Joyce reunite with Eleven, albeit with joy that’s very much short-lived as the Upside Down begins to take over the town. Still, they’re all back together as a family unit, but not everyone is accounted for.

Murray is missing in the final scenes of Stranger Things season 4, meaning that, unless he’s just weirdly hidden offscreen, he didn’t tag along for the reunion in Hawkins, and neither did Enzo or Yuri. The latter two absences make more sense, but Murray had formed such a key part of Joyce and Hopper’s story that it was surprising not to see him there as it came to a close. It begs the question of where Murray is in Stranger Things season 4’s ending, and whether he’s actually ok. Even if his location is unknown, though, there’s probably no need to be too worried about him, as there’s likely quite a simple explanation.

Wait, Did Murray Die In Stranger Things Season 4’s Finale?!

Murray in Stranger Things Season 4

The fact he’s missing does raise the slight possibility that Murray died in the Stranger Things 4 finale – after all, there were no guarantees everyone was going to make it back from Russia safely. Still, Murray’s death would be a huge shock, and not a particularly earned one, given he was last seen with Hopper and Joyce as Enzo and Yuri arrived in the plane to take them home. If Murray was going to die in Stranger Things 4, then it surely would’ve happened at the prison in the fight against the demogorgons, so audiences should at least be able to be relieved that he is almost certainly alive and well.

If he’s alive, then where is Murray in Stranger Things 4’s ending? The most logical explanation, really, is that he went back home. Unlike most of Stranger Things’ characters, Murray doesn’t live in Hawkins, instead residing in Sesser, Illinois, and after the vacation-from-hell that was his trip to Russia, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he just wanted to get back to his home comforts. For all he’s become an important part of the ensemble, Murray isn’t as close to the rest of the Stranger Things’ characters; he doesn’t have the familial ties or strong bonds to the kids that Hopper and Joyce have, and so it makes sense he’s not in the final scene, as the focus is very much on the family reunion. Murray should absolutely return in Stranger Things season 5 – it’d be odd if he didn’t – but it fits that he wasn’t there at the very end of season 4.

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