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Black Americans Express Their 1960s Rage. Have Things Changed? How Do You See It?


As my subscribers know, I have been collecting meaningful documentary material for most of my career. In the late 1980s, I produced a television series on the 1960s back then I was an independent documentary filmmaker working for the networks etc. This compilation was put together by me from footage that I collected back then and although I did not shoot these scenes, I worked for the producers that did. These black Americans are angry. And expressing it articulately. Does it sound like today? In some ways yes. With the murder of George Floyd, people have gone into the streets again and some of what I present here could sound like it was recorded in the present.

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Some subscribers asked why I use the word rage in my title. Yes they are angry. Yes they are seething. Yes they are disgusted and frustrated, the speakers. Looking up the definition of the word rage, I feel that some of these expressions speak to that emotion. I have interviewed so many people of all stripes on this issue and the stories that I have heard from black Americans who have suffered indignities that seem hard to believe. Somewhat disgusting. Some people have treated them as subhuman. There is not much one can say who has not experienced what they have but I feel that by presenting this history, certainly not all that occurred back then, but a part of it, that I am helping to create a historical record which is three-dimensional if you look at the dozens of commentaries I have posted on my YouTube channel regarding civil rights, human rights, American history, family life, etc. during the 1950s, the 1960s, up into the present. I am over 80 years old and I’m still recording stories and commentaries like the


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