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Cancer Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 27 – July 3, 2022

Are your four walls closing in on you, Crab? Starting this week, you might find yourself not only dreaming of an inspirational getaway but doing some serious research on where to go, when and with who! This new wave of wanderlust comes courtesy of visionary Neptune kicking off its annual five-month retrograde on Tuesday, June 28, in Pisces and your ninth house of travel, study and adventure. Cancers who’ve got the time and the funds could be this-close to heading off on an epic escapade to a place you’ve been dreaming of for years—or perhaps somewhere you’ve only just heard about. Neptune can awaken your inner spiritual sojourner, so don’t settle on the first “great deal” you stumble on. It almost doesn’t matter whether you travel with a friend or partner or go it alone. If you pour your heart and soul into the planning, you can set yourself up for the most magical experiences imaginable.

If you can’t get away or don’t have the assets, you don’t have to literally travel to enjoy expanded horizons. There are plenty of ways to tap into the hazy planet’s transcendental depths in your own area, from finding a meditation circle or philosophical discussion group to downloading metaphysical books and lectures. And really immerse yourself, because you’ll be doing this Neptunian backstroke for nearly half a year!

Later on Tuesday, the year’s only Cancer new moon arrives and can make you feel like it’s your birthday NOW! (And for many of you, it is!) For all Moon children, this annual fresh-start lunation in your sign can spur you to action. Begging the question, which areas of life have you wanted to hit the refresh button on? But don’t jump into the first thing that pops into your head. As an emotional water sign, you always do better to feel your way to a decision, allowing yourself to mull and reflect on the things that matter most, like your career goals and intentions for a loving partnership (regardless of your current status). If this doesn’t fill your motivation tanks and possibly even bring a tear or two, you may not be dreaming big enough. Before you hit the gas on manifesting your ideal future, take a moment to reflect on the past year, acknowledging your greatest successes as well as your hardest-won lessons.

Good luck finding that “perfect balance” between your personal and professional lives this Friday. Driven Mars in your career zone throws down the gauntlet to controlling Pluto in your relationship sector. This clash only happens one day a year, but when it does, look out! No matter what you do, it feels like you can’t please anyone, which is a great reminder that it isn’t worth trying. At least, it’s probably not going to work out by you going through familiar old motions. Step back far enough so you can see the bigger picture. What are YOUR top priorities, Cancer, and how can you shift your focus so you pay just enough attention to all parties? Anything that offers up a little flexibility should be seized upon, and from there, see where you can negotiate. True, everyone gets to compromise, but that’s how you get to a win-win.

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